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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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Association of Corporate Counsel – Louisiana Chapter 

Code of Conduct for Events Reporting Form 

If you feel threatened or see someone else being threatened, call 911 or notify the venue/security immediately. 

Please use this form to report any potential violations of the Association of Corporate Counsel – Louisiana Chapter (the “LA-ACC Chapter”) Code of Conduct for Events  

The LA-ACC Chapter takes all complaints seriously, and the matter will be reviewed and investigated, as appropriate. 

You can enter your name and contact information below or report anonymously. Names of witnesses will help us investigate, and your information will be kept as confidential as possible consistent with the need to investigate complaints. 

Please complete the form and email to the LA-ACC Chapter President, Molly Vigour, at and/or to the national ACC Chapters coordinator at

To reach out to a LA-ACC Chapter representative for any issues or questions, please contact the Chapter through either or both of the email addresses listed above, and we can meet with you (virtually or in person) to discuss your concerns or your report. 


What type of violation are you reporting? Select all that apply. You will have a chance to describe the details below. 

           ☐ ​Violence, threats of violence, unwanted touching, or physical intimidation  

​​           ☐​ Verbal or written harassment on any basis  

           ​​☐​ Disruptive behavior or bullying 

​​           ☐​ Displaying inappropriate visual information  

           ​​☐​ Violation of the rules of the event or venue  

           ​​☐​ Other: 

How were you involved in the incident? 

           ​​☐ ​I was directly involved.  

​​           ☐ ​I witnessed the incident.  

           ​​☐​ I heard about the incident from someone else.  

What happened? Please include what, when and where. The more detail the better.  

          Click or tap here to enter text.

Please identify the people involved in the incident, including witnesses if known. 

          ​​Click or tap here to enter text.​ 

What is your preferred outcome? We would appreciate your thoughts on how you would like us to resolve the situation.  

          Click or tap here to enter text.​ 

Is there anything else that you would like to share? 

          Click or tap here to enter text.​ 

How can the LA-ACC Chapter follow up with you?   

          ☐​ Phone  

          ​​☐​ Email  

​​          ☐​ Meet in-person 

          ​​☐​ Meet over Zoom/Teams (video call)  

          ​​☐ ​I do not want to be contacted.  

Please provide your full name if you wish. 

          Click or tap here to enter text.​ 

Please provide your preferred contact information. 

          ​​Click or tap here to enter text.​