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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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The Greater Philadelphia Chapter wishes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all our past presidents, who each played an important and significant role in the development of one of the ACC's finest chapters.  On behalf of the current Board of Directors, the officers and members of the chapter, we thank you for your service.  Because of your individual contributions, the Chapter has enjoyed a rich tradition of excellence throughout its history!



Donald P. Walsh, Founder and Chair of ACCA
Albert J. Bartosic, Founder and Inaugural Board Member (deceased)
Jordan Carpenter, Inaugural Board Member
John H. Carroll, Founder and Inaugural Board Member (deceased)
Tad Decker, Founder and Inaugural Board Member
Fred Drews, Founder and Inaugural Board Member
Libby G. Fishman, Inaugural Board Member
Jack L. Foltz, Founder and Inaugural Board Member
Richard H. Lange, Inaugural Board Member
Robert F. Maxwell, Founder and Inaugural Board Member (deceased)
James P. Morrison, Inaugural Board Member
Hugh G. Moulton, Founder and Inaugural Board Member
Richard L. Sherman, Inaugural Board Member
Paul D. Smith, Founder and Inaugural Board Member

Chapter Presidents

1984 - Thomas A. ("Tad") Decker
1985 - Jack L. Foltz
1986 - Hugh G. Moulton
1987 - Richard L. Sherman
1988 - Albert J. Bartosic (deceased)
1989 - J. Kent Riegel
1990 - James W. Brown (Deceased)
1991 - Eugene M. Schloss, Jr. (Deceased)
1992 - J. Kenneth Croney
1993 - J. Kenneth Croney
1994 - Herbert E. Hoffman
1995 - Bonnie L. Shuman
1996 - Stephen E. King
1997 - James W. Durham
1998 - John S. Stroebel
1999 - William J. Donohue
2000 - Gregory Warner
2001 - Laura Grossi-Tyson
2002 - Linda M. Madway
2003 - Thomas R. Wilcox
2004 - Don C. Brown
2005 - Kenneth R. Pina
2006 - Dennis L. Schoff
2007 - Robert M. Talley
2008 - Richard J. DePiano, Jr.
2009 - Todd A. Borow
2010 - N. Alexander Erlam
2011 - Thomas M. Molchan
2012 - Eric A. Tilles
2013 - Grace P. Manno
2014 - Michael A. Duff
2015 - Diane Carman
2016 - Kevin Chu
2017 - Michael Edward Crane
2018 - Anne Bancroft
2019 - A. Peter Prinsen
2020 - Jackie Meredith-Batchelor
2021 - Michael J. Eckhardt
2022 - Daniel R. Slawe
2023 - Lisa Fleischer