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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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Due to popular request, we will be virtual again this year and have a months worth of great CLE programs for you to attend. Once again, you may attend any or all of the programs.  Please note that our KEY NOTE presentation will be on September 17 from 9-10:30am.

Please join us at our 19th Annual CLE Conference during September at no cost* Due to the overwhelming generosity of our Partners, ACC New Jersey is able to do something for our members that we have never before been able to do, as we thank you for your continued support and membership during these difficult times.(Members who have already registered and paid, your money will be refunded to you)

Non ACCNJ members may attend for $50

All other programs will be 75 minutes. Simple registration process is below.


STEP TWO:  REGISTER FOR INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS BELOW, and you will receive your personal zoom links to save to your calendar when you register.


(When you register at Event Brite, select the ticket titled: ACC MEMBER FIRMS WITH 5 OR MORE ATTENDING


Wed Sept 1, 9-10:15am

Sponsored by: Consilio


What’s Next in Diversity: Collaborating to Measure, Report, & Improve - REGISTER HERE

Corporate law departments are acutely focused on the diversity of their outside counsel, and they expect their law firms to support corporate diversity initiatives. To achieve diversity goals, law departments and law firms must work collaboratively to understand corporate expectations and create strategies for firms to meet those expectations. This webinar will explore how corporations are measuring, tracking, and reporting on the diversity of their outside counsel, and how they are using that information to help their law firms succeed in improving diversity.

Thur Sept 2, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Major, Lindsey & Africa


Legal Ops: Past, Present, and Future - REGISTER HERE

This webinar will present the views of legal operations and the changes that have occurred from past to present, how legal ops has grown and evolved into the present, and what we can expect for the legal world moving into the future.

Thur Sept 9, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: McCarter & English


ADR: Mediating With & Without the Robe: Tips to Maximize Your ADR Experience - REGISTER HERE

Due to the Pandemic, expanding Court vacancies, and crowded dockets, lawyers and litigants have turned to ADR and in the process discovered that there were significant advantages to virtual mediations and arbitrations. In this program Judge Jose Linares, the former Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, draws on his decades of experience mediating matters both as a judge and in private practice to offer suggestions on how to maximize your next ADR experience, whether virtual or in person.

Thur Sept 9, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: K&L Gates


Free Money: Contractual Indemnification - REGISTER HERE

In a variety of situations, a corporation may be entitled to protection against third-party claims under a contractual indemnification provision or under another company's insurance policies. This program will identify and discuss a number of issues that in-house counsel frequently face regarding the availability and scope of such indemnification and insurance coverage, focusing on practical solutions a company should consider at both the contracting and claim stages to maximize its chances of successful recovery. Topics will include additional insured coverage and endorsements, vendors’ coverage and endorsements, contractual indemnification and "insured contract" coverage, anti-indemnification statutes, the pitfalls of over-reliance on Certificates of Insurance, the importance of primary versus excess coverage, and claims handling suggestions.

Fri Sept 10, 9-10:15am

Sponsored by: Constangy, Smith, Brooks, and Prophete


Legal Ethics: Leading Ethical Issues in the Workplace (ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

This program will explore various ethical issues that face the legal landscape. Plenty of ethical issues existed prior to the pandemic and other occurrences during the past two years, and there have been new ethical issues added during and since. Join us to discuss all things ethical in the legal professional workplace.

Fri Sept 10, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Wilentz


Return to the Office After the Pandemic: New Jersey Law Concerns - REGISTER HERE

This webinar will discuss the concerns and changes to NJ laws due to the effects of the recent pandemic. Be sure your T’s are crossed and your I’s dotted.

Mon Sept 13, 9-10:15am

Sponsored by: StoneTurn


Beyond Ransomware - REGISTER HERE

Ransomware has center-stage for cyber-attacks, but there are a number of other nefarious methods cyber-actors are leveraging to stay out of the spotlight.  Cyber-attacks continue to monetize security weaknesses and poor controls.  Data theft and exfiltration is still occurring at all time highs.  We will cover the state of the cyber landscape and how smart organizations are preparing, preventing, and complying for issues Beyond Ransomware.

Mon Sept 13, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Lowenstein Sandler


Creative Ways to Acquire Distressed Assets - REGISTER HERE

With the cost and uncertainty of bankruptcy more acute than ever, company counsel should be well versed in alternative asset transfer mechanisms, like an Article 9 foreclosure or a creditor composition agreement coupled with an asset purchase.  The presenters will offer examples of successful acquisitions, and key points to consider when analyzing opportunities.  The program will conclude with an overview of new subchapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code and the creative ways to purchase assets from a subchapter 5 debtor.

Tues Sept 14, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: CSC


Tech Check, Ethics Check(ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

Back by popular demand!  Join your fellow in-house counsel in discussing ethical considerations surrounding technology issues.  The panel will examine scenarios involving in-house counsel concerning technology contracts, compliance and other matters in our rapidly changing business and technology environments. 

Tues Sept 14, 2-2:15pm 

Sponsored by: Fisher Phillips


Wage & Hour Compliance and What to Do When DOL Comes Knocking - REGISTER HERE

Are you ready for the Department of Labor to audit your business? Now that businesses are getting back on track, more people are returning to work and a new US Secretary of Labor is place, the likelihood of a DOL audit for compliance with wage and hour laws is imminent.  Fisher Phillips attorneys will review common wage and hour risks businesses face and help answer frequently asked questions such as

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are the top 5 wage and hour risks that businesses face?
  • Why DOL investigations are expected to increase?
  • What to do if your client gets notice of a DOL investigation?
  • Understand employers’ rights under the FLSA?
  • How to handle a difficult investigator?

Wed Sept 15, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Eversheds Sutherland


Leadership in the New Normal Bringing Wellness to the Workplace - REGISTER HERE

As mental health and general well-being remain top concerns among the legal community, organizations are taking whatever steps they can do try and ease the burden on their employees. From limiting zoom meetings, implementing hybrid work environments and focusing on mindfulness and new ways of connecting, there is no single solution. But one thing is clear, wellness in the workplace is now seen as a competitive advantage for employers, managers, and high-achieving attorneys themselves. This session will explore how decision makers and in-house leaders can focus on wellbeing in order to unlock their strengths and the strengths of their teams.

Wed Sept 15, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Day Pitney


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) - REGISTER HERE

Come learn all you need to know about the TCPA. Discuss and ask any questions about how this affects you, your firm, and the law.

Fri Sept 17, 9-10:30am, KEY NOTE SPEAKERS PROGRAM


How to Lead, Motivate, and Manage Under Risk - REGISTER HERE

Our moderator will pose questions to a panel of medical officials from Hackensack Meridian Hospital who were key leaders as they led, motivated, and managed 32,000 medical front line essential workers through the pandemic. Joining this panel will be high ranking officers from the military who also have been key leaders as they led, motivated, and managed teams of front line essential workers through war and life threatening situations. Join us for this honest and awesome opportunity to hear it from those who led the way in dire situations to save and protect others.

Sept 20, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Lerner David


A Value Proposition: Avoiding IP Litigation While Best Positioning Your IP Assets - REGISTER HERE

Maintaining a robust due diligence program for M&A transactions and for homegrown innovations allows for the management of risk of IP litigation, particularly patent litigation.  Buy-in from those managing developers will result in other benefits, such as building meaningful IP assets from innovations.  Avoiding a single patent litigation justifies and pays for such a robust program.    


Sponsored by: Frier Levitt


Extending Legal Privileges to Compliance Work (ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

This program will discuss the following:

  • Considerations regarding legal/compliance organizational structure
    • Pros and cons of bright line distinctions
    • Employee reporting obligations 
  • Defining traditional compliance roles and activities
    • Business unit control ownership
    • Routine investigations
  • Preserving privilege in “grey areas”
    • Sensitive audits
    • Second-line monitoring activities
    • Compliance reviews by attorneys

Tues Sept 21, 9-10am 

Sponsored by: CSG (Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi)


Review of Cyber Law Issues from the Customer Perspective - REGISTER HERE

Gain insight into the ever-changing minefield of vetting vendors and what steps to take if, even after vetting, your organization experiences a threat or attack.

  • Vetting vendors who may hold your data, contractual protections and negotiation strategies
    • Overview of key contract provisions that customer should require
    • Assessment of risks and translating them into contract requirements
    • Risk mitigation
      • Pre-contract cyber audits
      • Insurance
    • Most negotiated contractual requirements
  • Counseling your client who has experienced a threat or attack and what steps to take in addressing the attack with your client’s customers
    • To disclose or not disclose
    • What to disclose and when
    • Level of cooperation required
    • Notifications to impacted parties
      • Credit monitoring
      • Other services

Tues Sept 21, 2-3:15pm

Sponsored by:McCarthy Tetrault


10 Top Covid Labour and Employment Related Issues in Canada (ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

This program will discuss the hot Covid-19-related Labour & Employment Law Issues for Employers in Canada as well as touching on ethical issues in the workplace. With the Canadian border still (as of this writing in July) closed, what does this mean for American workers who deal with Canadian firms?

Wed Sept 22, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Faegre Drinker


Documents and Devices in the Age of E-Discovery - REGISTER HERE

During this program, we will discuss the law and best practices for document creation and retention, use of personal devices, related attorney-client privilege issues and special considerations in the remote environment and return to work. In addition, the use of ephemeral messaging platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram will be discussed. Is there need for an Ephemeral Messaging Policy to address that issue both in the context of eDiscovery and Record Retention?

Thur Sept 23, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Morgan Lewis


The Garden State for Recreational Marijuana & What This Means for Work - REGISTER HERE

This program takes a deep dive into all things marijuana in the state of New Jersey, recreationally and in the workplace. Bring your questions, bring your comments, and get ready for a great discussion.

Thur Sept 23, 2:00-3:15pm

Sponsored by:Nukk Freeman & Cerra


Attack Proof Investigation - REGISTER HERE

This program will provide you with tips to fortify workplace investigations that are used in the litigation process. Join us to learn how to solidify and strengthen your investigation process and procedures.

Fri Sept 24, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Spiro Harrison


Lessons Learned: Litigation During and After the Pandemic - REGISTER HERE

This program will be a great place to discuss what we have learned throughout the pandemic as regards litigation. What will we want to keep using as we move forward, and what will we dismiss? Meet a former Judge, litigator, and thoughts from IT for this interesting discussion.

Mon Sept 27, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Thompson Hine


Are You Using Fudgets or Budgets? Maximize and Leverage the Spend (ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

  • Innovative Budgeting Start to Finish RPC 1.5 Fees
  • Set Expectations, Business Goals
  • Meaningful Compliance
  • Range of Voices on the Team
  • Exceptions
  • Accountability Internally
  • Who is Your Audience - RPC 1.13 Organization as the Client
  • Using innovative tools to improve predictability, efficiency, and transparency of legal spend. 

Mon Sept 27, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Linklaters


Interview With a Hacker: A Digital “Catch Me If You Can” - REGISTER

Join us for an interview between former elite Russian hacker Dmitry Smilyanets and two of the former federal prosecutors who apprehended him after being pursued by law enforcement for almost a decade. In this session, Erez Liebermann and Andrew Pak, former prosecutors for the U.S. DOJ and current members of Linklaters’ U.S. Data Solutions, Cyber and Privacy practice, will speak with Dmitry, who is now a threat intelligence analyst, about his experience as a hacker and member of a conspiracy responsible for the largest data breaches to date including trafficking in over half the stolen credit and debit cards worldwide. They will discuss the DOJ’s investigation into Dmitry, lessons learned and how companies can protect their businesses against cyber threats.

Tues Sept 28, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Jackson Lewis


The Pieces of the Pay Equity Puzzle - REGISTER HERE

Pay equity remains a major concern for all employers. We are getting pressure from all sides—federal agencies like the EEOC and OFCCP, federal laws like the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, and Executive Order 11246, state and local pay equity laws, the press, and even our own shareholders.  This pressure does not seem to be going away any time soon.  We are here to offer proactive solutions to alleviate some of this pressure.  Join us as we discuss all things pay equity, including reviewing compensation policies and processes, training recruiters and managers on setting pay, conducting privileged pay equity analyses, calculating and implementing any necessary pay adjustments, and crafting communications to shareholders and employees.

Wed Sept 29, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: DLA Piper


Acquiring Innovation: Key M&A Concerns for Tech and Life Science - REGISTER HERE

Equity Incentives, Intellectual Property, MAE Clauses, Valuation, Representations and Warranties and Financing Structures

M&A involving technology and life science companies, where human capital and intellectual property can represent material deal value drivers, often present different challenges than those in other industries.  This CLE will examine key issues in M&A transactions involving companies competing in the innovation economy.  The discussion will include current challenges and best practices around employee retention and equity compensation, intellectual property, representations and warranties and financing structures.

Wed Sept 29, 2-3:15pm 

Sponsored by: Grant Thornton


Ethical Considerations in the New Environment: Changing Fraud Schemes During the Pandemic (ethics credits) - REGISTER HERE

Join us as this program takes a deep dive to explore:

  • New schemes / red flags
  • Detection – Is it keeping up?  
  • Ethical considerations in the new environment

Thur Sept 30, 9-10:15am 

Sponsored by: Greenbaum Rowe


The New Jersey Economic Recovery Act 2020: How You are Affected - REGISTER HERE

In January 2021, with a single stroke of the pen, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law New Jersey’s single largest economic development bill in over a decade. With over $14 billion in appropriations, the long-awaited ERA created and updated numerous incentive programs intended to encourage New Jersey job growth, property development and redevelopment, community partnerships, and various other policies. This presentation will provide important information about business incentives created or modified by the ERA, including the Aspire Program, the Emerge Program, the Community-Anchored Development Program, and more. The discussion, which will include details related to program benefits, eligibility and application criteria, will also examine some key strategic considerations related to the obligations that come with such programs, including a look at certain requirements that could surely stand in the way of making the incentives worthwhile.