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So you have heard that ACC Australia offers quality mentoring experiences but how does the program work? How is this program different from others and what are the direct benefits for me? If these are the questions on your mind, then read on! We have the answers to these questions and more, directly from our Mentee of the Year, Shanti Das.

Shanti embraced her mentorship journey whole-heartedly and she was eager to learn, absorb knowledge and challenge her own ideals and perceptions. We spoke to Shanti about her journey and how the Future Leaders Mentoring Program helped her in her career.

Q: Why did you join the Future Leaders Mentoring Program and not another mentoring program?

A: I saw the program as a great opportunity to benefit from the insights of a person who is in a position I aspire to be in. I’d met individuals in those positions through ACC Australia who were also down to earth and I trusted that the program would deliver on what I had set out to gain.

Q: How did you go about setting up the meetings with your mentor?

A: I touched base with my mentor by email straight away to say hello and arrange a meeting. We were both happy to meet face to face and set up regular Sunday lunch sessions at a local cafe by the river.

Q: What do you think members new to mentoring should know?

A: ACC Australia provides some great online resources on mentoring and I highly recommend that you read and take advantage of these at the outset of the program. It will help you to understand the best approach to achieving your aims. It’s also important to be prepared for each meeting as a mentee and drive the process. But make sure you take time to build rapport and enjoy getting to know your mentor.

Q: How long into the program did you realise how valuable it was to your growth?

A: From the moment I read the materials on mentoring and then things really kicked off after our second face to face meeting. I was lucky to have been very skilfully matched and thank Karina (ACC Australia Head of Programs) for her hard work in this respect.

Still curious? Please jump on our website to find out more. Applications for the 2020 Mentoring Program are now.


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