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2019 Program Material

27 March 2019


2018 Program Updates

March 22, 2018

ACC Argentina and Primerus Latin American & Caribbean Institute

ACC Argentina and Primerus Latin American & Caribbean Institute co-organized the first event of the calendar year 2018 in Argentina at the Jockey Club in Buenos Aires. This event brought together in-house counsels, law firms from Latin America, and governmental officers to discuss the latest trends and exchange ideas in the legal community.

This event was considered the kickoff event of reference for in-house counsel across Argentina. From ACC Argentina we decided to address issues of fundamental importance to in-house counsel in our region, in particular Anticorruption and Data Privacy. It was a huge honor for ACC Argentina to have as speakers Dr. Santiago Otamendi (Secretary of Justice of Argentina); Dr. Ignacio Irigaray (Subsecretary of the Anticorruption and Investigation Office); and Dr. Eduardo Bertoni (General Director of the National Agency of Access to Public Information) to present and have an open dialogue on the goals that President Macri Administration have in connection with Anti-Corruption and Data Privacy issues in Argentina. The event had two sessions with counsels from Latin America and members of ACC Argentina as copanelists. Gabriela Lopez Cremaschi, Vice President of ACC Argentina was speaker at the Anticorruption Practices in Argentina panel and shared among the audience best practices based on her expertise in this area. Further, Martin Castro, Immediate Past President of ACC Argentina as moderator at the panel focus on Data Privacy, presented the current challenges and obstacles from a Latin America perspective but taking into consideration the European influence in our region.

With a breakfast and a lunch receptions there were plenty of opportunities for peer networking and socializing beyond the sessions at this event.

“I am a fervent believer in our association, the value it brings to members and look forward to bringing even greater value add to members in this year. In Argentina, we have the considerable benefit of a loyal and enthusiastic member base. In this year, we have an exciting opportunity to consolidate on the strengths of the past and to build ACC Argentina as the preeminent association for in-house counsel in Argentina so more members can benefit from the advantages of being a part of the largest association of in-house counsel in the world. I would be delighted to hear from any member who wishes to help with the realization of our aims or who has further suggestions on our work.” Gonzalo Rovira, President of ACC Argentina, Regional Law Lead for Monsanto Company (Brazil and Latin America). 

Pictured below: Dr. Eduardo Bertoni (Director of the National Agency for the Public Access of Information), Martin Castro, Immediate Past President ACC Argentina, and Gonzalo Rovira, President ACC Argentina.


ACC Argentina President


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24 abril 2013, Buenos Aires


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