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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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ACC currently recognizes chapters through awarding two awards annually: 


    Based on standards, which have been identified as benchmarks of successful chapters

    Awarded based on answers submitted in annual Chapter Activity Report


    Designed to showcase significant chapter activities in the areas of innovative programing, best membership strategy implemented, best partnership program and best diversity initiative, with the intention of sharing winning entries with other chapters as best practices.

    Awarded in October each year based on submissions. Submissions are currently closed.


  • Best Diversity Initiative

    ACC Singapore hosted the "Girls Empowered - Be Your Best: Negotiation Skills" workshop, empowering young women with knowledge about key employment rights, negotiation skills, and much more. This chapter's dedication to gender equality and self-advocacy shines through this transformative initiative. They've not only empowered young women but also advanced diversity and inclusion within their community. This workshop isn't just about learning—it’s about shaping the future. 

    ACC Greater Philadelphia’s 2nd Annual Diversity Summit was a game-changer, pushing boundaries and driving diversity, equity and inclusion. The objectives were crystal clear: Celebrate diversity, foster DIEB, create a safe space for vital conversations, equip members with practical tools, and build meaningful connections. The speakers were a diverse tapestry, tackling essential topics like DEI's role in ESG strategies and dissecting the difference between diversity and tokenism. No recordings, no holding back. Attendees actively shared experiences and action plans for advancing DEI in their workplaces.  



    ACC Singapore
    Mid-Size Chapter
    Winning Submission

    ACC Greater Phiiadelphia
    Large Chapter
    Winning Submission


  • Best Partnership Program

    ACC Kentucky, together with the Center for Non-Profit Excellence, harnessed the power of in-house attorneys to serve the community. By matching ACC members with nonprofits in need, they turned education, connection, and collaboration into a force for good. This partnership educated in-house attorneys and nonprofit leaders on critical issues, setting the stage for meaningful pro bono engagements. This event was the embodiment of collaboration for a greater purpose. 

    ACC St. Louis in partnership with Washington University Olin School of Business, conducted a half-day program on leadership and decision-making. This partnership brought cutting edge business insights to ACC members, enhancing their roles as in-house counsel. They carefully selected courses that resonate with legal professionals, empowering them to lead teams and make high-stakes decisions under pressure. This program exemplifies the power of collaboration and ACC St. Louis’ dedication to professional growth. 

    ACC New York City developed an immersive 6-hour event for diverse law students from Fordham Law School at CHANEL's Corporate Headquarters in NYC. They were successful in highlighting CHANEL's in-house counsel role as trusted advisors and introducing students to the world of fashion law. Law students also had intimate conversations with in-house counsel, business partners, and ACC NYC board members, fostering meaningful connections. Acting as the pilot for ACC NYC’s "A Day in the Life" series, we can’t wait to see what this chapter does next. 




    ACC Kentucky
    Small Chapter 
    Winning Submission

    ACC St. Louis
    Mid-Sized Chapter
    Winning Submission

    ACC New York City
    Large Chapter
    Winning Submission




  • Innovative Programming Effort

    ACC Central Florida’s Cooking Up Something Spooktacular event, pushed the boundaries of traditional educational programming. They turned a CLE session into a game show extravaganza with Halloween Feud! This spooktacular event unfolded at Publix Aprons Cooking School, where members teamed up for a "Chopped" style cooking challenge. From the game show-style CLE to the scavenger hunt and buffet dinner, it was a feast for both mind and palate. This event was the ultimate recipe for success! 

    ACC St. Louis took a creative step by hosting an event at the St. Louis Art Museum. Dr. Cathleen Fleck, Ph.D., of St. Louis University, guided them through the museum, using art as a conversation tool to enhance diversity awareness. This event expanded the horizons of diversity programming, emphasizing attentiveness, empathy, equity, and inclusion. A surprisingly long waitlist led to a follow-up session a few months later. ACC St. Louis’ "Artful Observation" proves that innovative programming knows no bounds.  

    ACC New Jersey’s aim was to reshape how lawyers view retirement, encouraging them to plan holistically, and to make the transition a seamless part of their career. They brought members together to share real retirement stories, successes, and challenges in an open discussion. The heartfelt stories from panelists were eye-openers, offering valuable insights into retirement's emotional rollercoaster. This program developed a series that continuously plants seeds of awareness, ensuring members don't just step into retirement but stride into it with confidence and purpose.  



    ACC Central Florida
    Small Chapter
    Winning Submission

    ACC St. Louis
    Mid-Size Chapter

    Winning Submission


    ACC New Jersey
    Large Chapter
    Winning Submission

  • Best Membership Strategy

    ACC Singapore unleashed a membership strategy like no other this year. Their approach was a masterclass in creativity and commitment to member recruitment and renewal. From Swiss law discussions to sunset boat cruises and "Random Coffee" initiatives, these events forged unforgettable connections. The results speak volumes—with a remarkable 11% growth (that’s over 50 new members), and 268 Random Coffees served. The ACC Singapore Chapter's Membership Strategy is a wild success. 




    ACC Singapore
    Mid-Size Chapter

    Winning Submission



The ACC Chapter of Distinction Program is awarded based on a tabulation of chapter activities in several areas - governance/operations; membership recruitment; programming; awards/recognition programs; scholarships/pro bono work; and marketing/public relations. The objective of this program is to recognize chapters for furthering leadership and board development, chapter operations, membership recruitment and retention efforts, programs, special projects, and overall involvement.

To be recognized, chapters must demonstrate a commitment to promoting member involvement, meeting their members' needs, demonstrating leadership and association best practices, as well as, furthering ACC's strategic plan.

Highest rated chapters will receive a Gold Chapter of Distinction designation and second tier chapters will be rated with a Silver Chapter of Distinction designation. Ratings will be based on points earned for chapter activities over the course of the reporting period. Small, mid- and large chapters will be rated on a sliding scale appropriate to their size.

This year your mandatory Chapter Activity Report will serve as your submission to the Chapter Distinction Program. Chapters will report their activities from January 1, 2023  through December 31, 2023, and return completed submissions by January 30th, 2024


The Outstanding Achievement Awards will consist of four categories – innovative programming effort, best membership strategy implemented, best partnership program and best diversity initiative. Entries will be judged based on membership size categories.


Innovative chapter programs will be evaluated on specific components of the program, including planning, goals, timeline, budget, communications and promotional materials, challenges faced/addressed. Eligible programs will include educational, social and award events.


Successful programs, projects or ideas that encourage and improve membership recruitment or renewal. Entries might include a short-term recruitment campaign or components of retention efforts. Examples of recruitment programs include creative tie-ins to ACC initiatives, samples supporting yearlong recruitment efforts by the chapter through member involvement, leadership support, or written materials promoting member benefits. Retention programs may include orientations, member involvement efforts, renewal time line or promotion of ACC core services and benefits.


Includes any partnership of the chapter with other allied bar associations, ACC Headquarters Committees, educational institutions and/or community organization that result in positive impact to members, the in-house profession or the community. Partnership features are judged along with a written description of the planning and implementation of the project or program.


Awarded to a chapter that has strategically and successfully development an event or program for a minority segment of their membership or community. Segments can include, but are not limited to young professionals, women, and ethnicity, or diversity scholarships and training programs.


  1. Entries must been produced and substantially completed in the award year (April 2023 - May 2024).
  2. Chapter entries must be submitted by the Chapter Leadership, Administrator or by a designee of the aforementioned.
  3. Chapters may submit multiple entries in each award category as long as each entry represents entirely separate and distinct initiatives. Otherwise only one entry will be accepted.
  4. Entries must be received at ACC HQ office by the close of business on the stated deadline. No exception to the deadline date will be made.
  5. Chapter programs, products and services that have previously been awarded are ineligible.


Applications are due no later than Wednesday, July 10. ACC Chapter staff will screen all entries to verify eligibility and compliance with submission requirements. Any entry not meeting the basic submission requirements will be returned for additional information. The entrant will have seven (7) business days to submit additional support materials. After the seven day window lapses, the entry will be disqualified.

Each entry must include the following:

  • One complete Online Entry Form, including a description of the entry. Entries are disqualified if any information on the form is missing.
  • Specific category criteria as outlined in the annual Call for Entries.

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