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Making YOUR Voice Matter

Lisa Lockland-Bell knows a thing or two about effective communication. With more than 30 years performing as a flamboyant opera singer, a vocal coach, a keynote speaker and having survived two cancer diagnoses, Lisa is well equipped to take you on a personal journey to discover what it feels like to communicate with gravitas, build trust and deliver messages that inspire and motivate. At this powerful and engaging Women in The House (WiTH) breakfast at November’s In-House Legal National Conference, Lisa will share how to take ownership of your spoken communication and how she built resilience when life threw her some difficult challenges.

“There is nothing worse for a human being than to feel misunderstood. You’ve had this great idea that you know will add value and make an impact, but your mind starts to filter and you get stuck in your head over analysing what the listener might think of the idea. You then start second guessing and try to find words that you think the other person wants to hear rather that what you value, understand and desire.”

We recently sat down with Lisa to hear more about her story and what we can expect from her breakfast session. Lisa believes that it’s a fundamental desire of all human beings to be heard and shared that she often meets people who have words locked up in their head and feel frustrated and overwhelmed when they cannot express them clearly.

In a world where technology plays such an integral part of our communications, Lisa sees that consumers and clients are desperate for human connection. “Professionals that have the control and confidence to speak in every situation are going to have the market advantage. In a time, which some are calling the Impact Era, those who can vocally communicate will stand out from the rest.”

Lisa’s journey and self-proclaimed obsession with the human voice started as a young child when she wanted to become an opera singer. When she was 22 years old, studying for her Graduate Diploma at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Lisa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. Lisa’s says that whilst this changed the trajectory of her life she still went on to marry, have children, and enjoy a successful career as an opera singer, recording artist and international performer. That was until she was diagnosed at with a second form of cancer at 34 years old; cancer of the cervix.

By the age of 40, Lisa had changed what she ate, where she lived, who she surrounded herself with, how she spoke and how she thought. This opened up a who new adventure for her; first vocal coaching following quickly by coaching executives who saw the benefits to her personal development and healing strategies. “The intersection of disease and professional training lead me to finding my true purpose: to help others release the unspoken words locked up in their heart ensuring they feel confident to speak their truth in all situations.”

Lisa believes there are thousands of professionals who are technically brilliant at what they do, but not confident to get out from behind their desk to speak across all professional platforms to build leads and strengthen relationships.

We encourage both women and men to attend this insightful WiTH breakfast. Lisa’s presentations are always a balance of high engagement, fun, interaction, thought provoking, emotionally inspiring and sometimes life changing. You will be inspired to use your own voice to impact the world around you, and do it with greater confidence and inner strength. With practical and simple techniques shared, you will walk away with exercises to help you feel more confident the next time you have those critical conversations. We will also workshop the importance of introducing yourself, ensuring you make that immediate deeper connection.

To join us at the WiTH breakfast simply click on the WiTH Breakfast box as part of your conference registration. If you have already registered for the conference without the WiTH Breakfast but would now like to attend please email Teagan Jones, our Conference & Events Manager,


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