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By Yoness Blackmore, Senior Legal Writer, LexisNexis Practical Guidance Employment

If you have this data, how can you use it?

Vaccination is a word on almost everyone’s lips these days. It’s a tough issue for both businesses and workers, many of whom may have already made decisions either way; or are in the process of doing so. 

However, the key issues are not just about vaccination decisions, there is also a big question around whether businesses can keep records about workers’ vaccination status.

Boards, in-house counsel and human resources practitioners may be exhausted by the myriad of seemingly competing and contradictory legal and policy considerations relating to mandating or supporting vaccination in the workplace. 

But what about the information relating to an individual’s vaccination status? Can it be collected and used by businesses? What happens if a business breaches Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) when asking for proof of an employee’s vaccination status? 

This is yet another Pandora’s box of potential missteps for businesses.

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