Our team of highly experienced career coaches comes from a variety of professional backgrounds with an expertise in helping lawyers attain their professional development goals. Each of our coaches has had significant experience providing one-on-one coaching services in the legal profession.

All in-house counsel are eligible to receive a complimentary 30-minute session with one of our established coaches. Please feel free to reach out to the coach that best fits your needs. 

Professional Development Coaches - United States & Canada

Joni Rae

Experience Coaching Attorneys, Retreat Facilitator for the Association of Corporate Counsel Executive Team and Board

Anjli Garg JD, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

Your Coach To Soar

Şirin Köprücü

Founder/Principal - Global Mindset, Partnership and Negotiation Trainer/Coach/Consultant StrategicStraits, Inc.

Jan Anne Dubin

CEO and Founder, Jan Anne Dubin Consulting

Marianne Trost

The Women Lawyers Coach LLC

Sheila Murphy

Focus Forward Consulting President & CEO

Natalie Butto Wills

Management and Leadership Professor, Advisor, Counsel, Coach, and TEDx Speaker

Jason Levin

Ready, Set, Launch, LLC

Debra Forman

Pinstripe Coaching

Stewart Hirsch, Esq.

Strategic Relationships, LLC

Elena F. Deutsch, MPH

Founder, Women Interested in Leaving Law

Rosalie Chamberlain

Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Sarah Lynn Oquist

Speaker, Corporate Board Director, Executive Coach, Business Consultant

India Gary-Martin

Member, Forbes Coaches Council

Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD

Executive Coach & Consultant

Charlotte Smith

Executive Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host

Whitnie Wiley

Founder/Consultant & Coach, Shifting Into Action

Lisa Horowitz

Attorney Talent Strategy Group LLC, Founder/Chief Strategist

Douglas Choo

VIEW Advisors, Leadership & Strategy Consulting

Monica Phillips

President and Founder, Spark Plug Labs

Wendi Weiner

Attorney & Executive Resume Writer/Branding Expert, Founder of The Writing Guru

Catherine Nathan

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Ida Abbott

Retirement consultant and coach, Ida Abbott Consulting LLC

Jay Bransfield

Executive Coach – Leadership, Vision, Influence, Communication, Mindset

Wendy C. Schult, JD, PCC

The Authenticity Coach

Lauren Ruvo, J.D.

Founder & Coach, LMR Coaching LLC

Philippe Danielides, J.D.

Executive Coach, Author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Freedom

Ellen B. Cohen, J.D. CPCC, PCC, CPQC

Certified Executive Coach and Facilitator for corporate executives & in-house attorneys

Emily Heird, LPC/MHSP

Founder of Vantage View Coaching

Paula Pepin

Certified Professional Coach, Founder of LexGO Inc., Former General Counsel to High Growth Companies

Vivian VanLier

 Multi-Certified Career Coach and Resume Writer

Jessica L. Hernandez, JD, CPCC

Attorney Coach and Author, “Let’s Coach All the Lawyers”

Christine Frederick

Executive and Leadership Coach

Jill Lynch Cruz, Ph.D., PCC, GCDF, SPHR

Executive Coach & Career Development Consultant, JLC Consulting

Andrew Molina

Leadership Coach, Chispa LLC

Linda Evans

Career Confidence Coach - Personal Branding, Interview Preparation & Career Transitions | Speaker & Writer

Karen Morris, JD, ACC

Executive, Leadership, and Transition Coach

Seth Weissman

Executive Coach with 2 Decades of C Suite Experience

Joanne Tan, J.D.

Personal Branding, Brand Building Career Coach, LinkedIn, Bio, CV Consulting & Writing

Alan Heymann, JD, PCC

Coach, Facilitator, Career Transition Guide

Liz Walker

Europe and ROW, Owner Hirondelles Consultancy

Connie Hoover

Global Leader, Recognized Authority on Leadership Resilience and Adaptation

Dorothy Hammett

Certified Executive Coach and Life Coach

Anna Conrad, JD

Executive coach, featured expert, author, and professor

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