Sirin Koprucu

Şirin Köprücü “Shirin Koepruejue” is a certified Global Mindset® and Quantum Negotiation™ facilitator and coach who works with her clients to deepen and advance their action and transformation through personalized experiences, collaboration, and trust.  She has been leading her Maryland-based business StrategicStraits since its inception in 2006, and teaches courses on global marketing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, strategic thinking, and negotiation skills in the Executive Education programs of Thunderbird School of Global Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Şirin is a design thinking enthusiast and helps businesses and new initiatives grow with an innovation mindset.

Contact her when you want to add more value, you want colleagues and team members to add more value, participate in leadership, prepare for partnerships and negotiations, build an understanding of global diversity and global leadership considering global interconnection, disruption, and rapid change, and/or facilitate perspective exchange.

To set up a time to experience working with Şirin, please use the scheduling link:

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