Stewart Hirsch

Stewart, an executive leadership and business development coach, consultant and facilitator, coaches and leads workshops for organizations and firm lawyers, including diverse lawyers’ retreats and sessions, on topics ranging from basic networking and cross-marketing firm services for law firms, to "Business Plan Boot Camp," “Pitching to Diverse Clients”, "Executive Presence" and "Implicit Gender Bias and Business Development". In addition to his work in law firms, Stewart has worked with many in-house women lawyers most of his coaching career.  

His leadership coaching for firm leaders and Fortune 500 legal executives helps them enhance critical strategic thinking and leadership competencies and advance professionally. He is also Senior Coach for Trusted Advisor Associates' consulting clients. 

Areas for coaching expertise:

·  Creating a business/transition plan
·  Interviewing for a GC/senior position
·  Moving back to a firm

To set up a time to speak with him, please email him a day/time that works for you at or call 781-784-5280.

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