Christa Cantieni Cunin

My work experience spans over more than 20 years. I started my career in Switzerland working as a lawyer in the telecommunications industry. Later I moved for one year to the US where I undertook a LL.M. degree at New York University. Upon return I was offered the opportunity to become the General Counsel in a newly created IT company of over 3000 employees. I enormously enjoyed myself building up a team, develop people and doing strategy and management work. For family reasons I moved later to Brussels where I worked as an EU-lobbyist for a while and, in parallel, obtained a master's degree in EU law from ULB Brussels. In 2006 I decided to reorient my career to become a professional coach. When founding my company SAMIDA, I decided to combine my passion for people development, management and organisational health issues with all my previous career experiences and contribute to the advancement of the industries and sectors I knew best. Over the last several years, I have been very privileged to work with fantastic lawyers, leaders and organisations from all over the world. I have trained and coached people of over 50 different nationalities.

Areas for coaching expertise:

·  Leadership and team-management

·  Crisis management and strategy

·  Self management (stress, dealing with uncertainty etc.)

·  Developing vision and perspective for own career etc.

To set up a time to speak with Christa, please email her a day/time that works for you at:

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