Andrew Molina

Andrew Molina (affectionately known as "Mo") is a leadership coach and interpersonal dynamics facilitator. He specializes in helping his clients (re)connect to their emotional datasets in order to:

  • build more effective relationships
  • give and receive powerful and transformative feedback
  • navigate conflict growthfully
  • discover and prioritize what's most important to them

Mo has a Masters in computer science, is a facilitator for the popular class Interpersonal Dynamics at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and is a trained theater actor. This diverse background allows him to find access points for clients ranging from founders, executives, and lawyers to first-time managers, non-profit leaders and educators.

Mo primarily works with two types of clients:

  • “Nice Bosses” - leaders who really care about their people, but whose good intentions have negative impacts
  • “Recovering Rule-followers” - high-achievers who no longer find meaning in the success markers they once coveted

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