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Emily Heird, LPC/MHSP specializes in helping lawyers learn the necessary high-performance skills not taught in law school to thrive in a demanding profession.

She wholeheartedly believes that lawyers do not need to sacrifice themselves in the name of success. Emily believes, and the research shows, that you have greater career success when you care for your well-being and have a life outside of work. She helps her clients thrive in law and life.

Emily is a former licensed professional counselor turned high-performance coach. She has a B.S. in Psychology, an M.S.Ed in Counseling, and post-masters graduate-level education in Sports Psychology. Before opening her coaching company, Emily owned a group private practice and has over a decade of experience working with thousands of people (including lawyers) to help them improve the quality of their lives and heal from mental health issues. She understands the mental and physical health effects of lawyers' chronic stress.

Emily uses a combination of many strategies and skills from psychology, sports psychology, neuroscience, the science of well-being, and more, to help clients achieve goals and desired results.

In addition, Emily provides workshops rooted in neuroscience and sports and performance psychology to law firms and organizations to help improve the well-being of its members.

Areas of coaching expertise:

•    Burnout prevention and recovery

•    Time and energy management

•    Perfectionism, Procrastination, and People-Pleasing

•    Mastering your Mindset

•    Building resilience and an endurance mindset for long-term high performance

•    Mental fitness and brain optimization

•    The intersection of mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD, substance use, vicarious trauma, etc.) and practicing law

•    Leadership and building winning cultures

To schedule a time to speak to Emily, please use the scheduling link:

To learn more about Emily, visit Vantage View Coaching.

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