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Ida helps lawyers design happy, productive, and meaningful retirements. Increased health and longevity mean that many lawyers who retire may have decades of active life ahead of them. Ida helps them decide how they want to spend those future years and then how to make it happen.

Retirement coaching is a natural next step in Ida’s work. Ida has been in the legal profession for 45 years as a trial lawyer, consultant, trainer, speaker and author. She has advised and guided individuals and organizations in every part of the profession and throughout the world on legal talent and career development, often leading the way to address unattended needs. With large numbers of lawyers now in their 50s, 60s and older, she now offers services in another area where there is an unmet need for personalized support and guidance: planning for what’s next.

Ida is the author of Retirement by Design, named one of the best retirement books of 2020 by the Wall Street Journal. While clients are not required to use the book, it contains many questions and exercises that support the planning process and that clients find very helpful.

Areas of Coaching Services: 

Designing, preparing for, and transitioning into retirement

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