Donna McGrath

Donna, known as In-House Lawyers Leadership Coach Leadership and Executive Coach transforms In-House Lawyers and Teams for greater impact.  As a former Solicitor she has over 16 years in practice (both in top private practice firms and across FTSE 100 – 250 In-House Legal teams in the UK.)

She qualified as Mastercoach Coach and Mentor, accredited by the IAPC&M, in 2018.  She stepped out of practice in 2020, to address the lack of leadership training and mental health and wellbeing support for Solicitors in the UK and globally.  


Donna's mission is to empower in-house lawyers, enabling them to reach their full potential and secure a prominent role at the decision-making table. By equipping them with leadership skills, she aims to minimize risk, enhance productivity, and foster a resilient workforce. Donna recognizes that leadership training is essential for all in-house lawyers to establish boundaries and maximize their value proposition.

Who I work with

Primarily Donna works with General Counsels, Heads of Legal, Chief Legal Officers and Senior Lawyers and the Legal team, who are:

  • Low confidence, thinking you are not good enough.
  • Feeling undervalued by your stakeholders, boss, team. 
  • Tiredness and overwhelm due to workload and pressure.
  • Overwhelm and Stress dealing with difficult people.
  • Not feeling successful or influential. Low feelings of influence or impact.
  • Confusion or not feeling in control over your emotions, stakeholders, or your career.
  • Feeling stuck and directionless in your career, in relationships.
  • Frustration that you can’t make the impact you want to progress in your career or that others cannot see your value. 


With her extensive experience spanning various levels of In-House Legal functions and continuous market trend analysis, Donna remains at the forefront of industry best practices.

Donna's coaching expertise extends from individual lawyers to entire In-House Legal Functions and Stakeholders.  She works directly 1:1 with the GC, Head of Legal, Senior Lawyer. 

For those interested in exploring Donna's coaching services, a complimentary 45-minute session is available. 

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