Jay Bransfield

Jay is the founder of Bransfield Associates and is an Executive Coach helping clients create outstanding results in the areas of unshakeable confidence, maximized income, leveled up careers, freedom with time and money and a strong grounded sense of self in both vision and purpose, among many other things. 

He has coached Attorneys, CEOs, senior executives, and former Olympic athletes. His expertise, leadership and enthusiasm help leaders achieve powerful results by creating a mindset of clarity and certainty in their leadership, decisions, and actions.  He has a 20+ year career as a high-tech executive and is a Master Certified Expert in the brain neuroscience of NLP and a result focused executive coach.  He also is co-facilitator of a monthly program for Executive Boot Camp for Executives in Transition that has been running for over 10 years.

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

    • Vision

    • Leadership

    • Communication

    • Mindset 

    • Influence

    • Storytelling

    • Decision Making

    • Strategic Planning

    • Powerful Goal Setting

    • Career Advancement and Transition

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