Ellen Cohen

Ellen is a multi-certified coach, group/team facilitator, and former corporate exec/in-house attorney (Sony, Disney, Microsoft, et al) so it’s a natural fit for her to focus her coaching on in-house attorneys and business executives.  Her clients come from many in-house roles including deal makers, litigators, securities, intellectual property, compliance, procurement, distribution, corporate and other legal/business roles.  She’s worked with attorneys at all levels from GC/CLO to entry level at such companies as Gap, Target, Verizon, Adobe, Kaiser, Sony, Roku and PayPal.

Ellen incorporates scientific/neuroscience-based coaching, emotional intelligence and mental fitness modalities designed to help you have more influence by activating the 5 Pillars of Influence™ so you can stand out as someone who is an effective and collaborative communicator, leader, employee and/or manager.  Ellen will help you to envision your highest potential and new possibilities and set clear action plans to achieve your life and career goals.

Areas of focus include helping you to:

  • Get promoted or ready for the next opportunity
  • Be seen and heard / secure a “seat at the table”
  • Elevate your influence, leadership presence and professional identity.
  • Manage your workload, build your resilience and improve your well-being
  • Enhance your leadership, team building and employee engagement skills

To set a call with Ellen, you can email her at or click this link to schedule a Complimentary Session

To learn more about Ellen, you can view her website or her linkedin

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