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Philippe is a former Wall Street lawyer and corporate communications consultant turned professional coach, and the author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Freedom: A Six-Step Plan to Discover What You Actually Want.

His coaching is focused on helping lawyers clearly and confidently answer one critically important question, and then providing them with the strategic and practical support to translate that answer into a reality.

That question: What do I actually want?

Which, for reasons explained by what he calls The Red Pen Problem, is a particularly daunting and challenging question for many lawyers to approach and to answer. And why it’s a question that is so often set aside (albeit unintentionally) in favor of more achievable yet ultimately unsatisfying ones – namely:

What should I want? 

What do I realistically think I can get? 

What else could I do that’s at least not this?

How can I just make my situation tolerable enough to keep going?

But as lawyers know better than most, you get the answers to the questions you ask. 

Which is why Philippe’s mission at The Blue Pen Project is (1) to guide lawyers to questions that will lead them to the answers (and consequently, the results) that they actually… genuinely… want, and (2) to give them the tools and support to do something about it.

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Bio P.S. - Philippe holds a BA from Middlebury College and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center. He’s a native New Yorker, but somehow a naturally slow walker, which continues to annoy his friends and family.

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