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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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Corporate legal departments in Europe, Middle East and Africa, as elsewhere globally, are focusing on advancing legal operations – optimising how people, processes, technology and data are deployed to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of legal services. Many general counsel are now delegating responsibility for legal operations to a deputy GC or establishing a dedicated legal operations function that may or may not be led by a lawyer.

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has partnered with Consilio, and is hosting a bi-monthly series of virtual roundtables that focus on how different legal operations functions are managed in companies in the EMEA, drawing on the ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model framework.

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  • 2020 Virtual Roundtables

    The Association of Corporate Counsel and Consilio LLC are convening a community of inhouse counsel and legal operations professionals across the region for a 2-day conference to support advancement of operational sophistication and innovation in your legal department: 'Accelerate Innovation in Legal Departments' on 8 & 9 December 2020. Save your seat today. (Open to in-house counsel and legal operations professionals in legal departments, only.)

    Reserve your seat today!

    8-9 December: 2020 Accelerate Innovation in Legal Departments (Virtual live)

    Register Here! 

    This year's Accelerate Innovation conference is 100% virtual. And while we won't meet in person, you can still expect the same practical, stimulating sessions, sharing ideas and lessons learnt with your innovation-focused peers in the EMEA region, on optimising processes, technology and human capital to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Registration is free of charge for ACC members. 

    Past Virtual Roundtables

    Data is the 4th pillar of legal operations, along with People, Processes and Technology. Dashboards allow in-house legal executives to quickly assess spend, matter status and law firm engagement. 

    Taken to the next level, your metrics program should inform decision-making (e.g. make vs. buy, litigate or settle) and performance management at the department level - such as progress against goals, velocity of contracting, and law firm quality; and individual level - such as adoption of new tools and processes and personal goal achievement. 
    A distinguished panel of operational leaders will discuss their metrics programs – what they measure, how, benefits realised and unintended consequences to avoid. 


    What process can you improve and automate within your legal team? Can you make your business more self-sufficient by providing them with the tools to create their own contracts and ensure they send you the correct information when they do need legal support? As legal teams grapple with increased complexity, accelerated deadlines, and budget constraints, can you use design thinking to innovate and create a better client experience while also increasing efficiencies? Join this virtual roundtable to hear our speakers share observations and their own experiences of implementing these types of change.


    It's hard to get approval to buy legal-specific technology, but you likely already have a suite of Microsoft products, Slack or Jira, and ServiceNow or Salesforce on board. Here is a chance for in-house legal executives to learn from peers who have automated legal services using enterprise technology and used Teams for collaboration in ways you might want to adopt. Demos and practical advice about the development and rollout processes will help you get ready to leverage technology you already have. Our speakers will share their experiences of using Microsoft Teams for internal and external collaboration and knowledge sharing, how Microsoft SharePoint can be used for legal requests and approvals for external spend, and how one legal team has used their enterprise SAP solution to manage legal spend.


    Learn from our speakers on how they became responsible for Legal Operations and the different areas their roles encompass. They will discuss the priorities and objectives they set for their first 100 days, their approach to the role, and will share authentic experiences of what went well and where they found challenges.


    Did you know that approx. 25% of the time billed by outside counsel is the consequence of inefficiencies on the in-house side? Jaap Bosman, Vincent Cordo, Jr. and Yu Lian de Bakker discussed why applying smart data analytics in managing outside counsel will deliver more value to your company than traditional rate and fee structure focused procurement methods.

  • 2019 Virtual Roundtables

    10 SEPTEMBER: technology planning and digital transformation

    Panelists David Griffin (BT PLC), Amir Mehdi (Barclays), and Maurus Schreyvogel (Novartis International AG) shared how to optimise utilisation of technology, including planning, selection, procurement and/or development, training and promotion of adoption.


    Panelists Simon Ferres (Deutsche Bank), Stacy Walsh (Travelers), and Ian Waterworth (Standard Chartered Bank) shared how to enable your organisation to embrace targeted changes in the way work is done.


    Panelists Ben Eason (Barclays), David Griffin (BT), Emma Jackson (Visa), and Leonie van Gulik (PVH Europe) shared how to set legal department goals that align with company objectives, prioritise initiatives, allocate resources and define metrics to assess progress.


    Panelists Vince Cordo (Shell), Hans Albers (Juniper Networks), Helen Fletcher (BNP Paribas) and Thierry Perrouault (Orange) discussed the journey of establishing and advancing a legal operations function, and compared notes on the scope, structure, composition and roles of dedicated legal operations functions.

  • 2019 Conference

    Accelerate Innovation
    A Conference for Legal Operations Leaders in EMEA
    15 October 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    On 15 October 2019, we convened a community of in-house leaders across Europe in Frankfurt am Main that leveraged the ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model framework to learn, through peer discussion and benchmarking, about how to accelerate innovation. The one-day event included educational sessions led by notable industry leaders and peers, as well as a networking reception the evening before.

    10:00 - 10:15 Welcome and Introductions

    • Giuseppe Marletta - Managing Director, Europe, Association of Corporate Counsel
    • David Hart - Transformation Director, Legal & Company Secretary, BT  & ACC Europe Board Member

    10:15 - 11:15 Opening Plenary
    1:  Lessons from the road – my legal operations journey

    Panelists explain their current state and how they got there – the strategy, approach and milestones of their own Legal Operations journeys. 

    • Jon Doyle - Legal Chief of Staff, Barclays
    • Marcus Debes - Process & Project Manager at Legal & Responsibility, Heraeus Holding GmbH
    • Robin Snasdell - Managing Director, Consilio 
    • Leonie van Gulik - Senior Legal Operations Manager, PVH Europe
    • Miguel Viedma - VP Group Legal, Digital and Business Innovation, and Chief Legal Operations Europe, CapGemini

    11:15 - 11:30 Break

    11:30 - 12:15 Roundtables

    2A:  The other half of the legal department – Getting the most from external firms and resources

    A robust discussion on how to get not only value-adds but value-enabling services from law firms and legal service providers.

    2B:  Making technology work for you – From enterprise infrastructure staples to the latest start-up trends

    Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Knowledge Management systems, Flexible resourcing apps, Regtech, Contract Lifecycle Management, Workflow tools, Legal Service Request portals and front doors - the list is endless, but where should you start? 

    12:15 - 13:15 Lunch & Networking

    13:15 -  14:00 Roundtables 

    3A:  Contract management planning – thinking smart to accelerate the speed of business

    Exploring ways to improve contract velocity and quality from calibrated a risk and value approach to deploying AI automation and workflows.

    • Marcus Debes - Process & Project Manager at Legal & Responsibility, Heraeus Holding GmbH
    • David Griffin - Head of Legal & Governance Systems and Change, BT
    • Antje Michel - General Counsel, CSL Behring

    3B:  Macro/Micro management – Optimising the internal working of your law department across: strategy, culture, structure, and client experience 

    Getting the right angle -  right work, right time, right person, right place

    14:00 -  14:45 Roundtables

    4A:  Made to measure – How and what do you measure, who does the measuring and who measures the measurer

    Do Legal Ops professionals need their own tailored metrics and analytics? 

    • Andrew Dey - Consultant, Consilio, Former Director, Legal Change, Barclays
    • Maximilian Koch - Corporate Counsel, Sportswear Manufacturer

    4B:  Digital transformation – Data, risk and demand

    Front office services and products must reflect today's needs for responsive, real-time information to aid decision-making as volumes of data and requests mount. How will legal operations lead the legal team to evolve to meet these needs?

    14:45 - 15:15 Coffee and Networking Break

    15:15 - 16:00 Plenary

    5:  Good-Buy-In – How change management delivers transformations

    The need for buy-in is not limited to budgetary sign-off for a new system or approach. Ensuring people embrace your transformational journey is critical to its success. This session features a format that engages the audience in preparing to lead change.

    • Max Hübner - Executive Director, Legal Management and Operations, DPA

    16:00 - 16:30 Moving Ahead

    Leaders of the ACC Legal Operations Europe Advisory Board will lead a discussion about ideas and inspiration gleaned from the event, and how this growing community can help each other to accelerate innovation year-round

    • Jon Doyle - Legal Chief of Staff, Barclays
    • David Hart - Transformation Director, Legal & Company Secretary, BT  & ACC Europe Board Member
    • Leonie van Gulik - Senior Legal Operations Manager, PVH Europe
  • Advisory Board

    • Thomas Barothy - Group General Counsel COO, UBS AG (Switzerland)
    • Lola Conde - Legal COO, Banco Santander (Spain) 

    • Jon Doyle - Legal Chief of Staff, Barclays (United Kingdom)   

    • Marcus Debes - Process & Project Manager at Legal & Responsibility, Heraeus Holding GmbH (Germany)

    • Hassan Elmiligui - Head of Legal Operations, Capgemini (France) 

    • Alex Galtieri - Deputy General Counsel, Colt Technology Services (United Kingdom) 

    • Varsha Gupta - Senior Legal Counsel, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Turkey, Idemia Identity & Security (United Arab Emirates)  

    • Douwe Groenevelt - Deputy General Counsel/Senior Director, ASML (The Netherlands) 

    • Ali Haidar - General Legal Counsel, 3M (United Arab Emirates)

    • Dave Hart - Transformation Director, Legal & Company Secretary & ACC Board Member, BT (United Kingdom)  

    • Elizabeth Jaworski -  Senior Director, Legal Operations, Astellas Pharma (United States)  

    • Maximilian Koch - MBA, Attorney-At-Law (Germany) 

    • Juliane Lenser - Senior Counsel, Continental AG (Germany) 

    • Sigal Meged-Rosen - General Counsel, CYBERBIT Ltd. (Israel)

    • Eric O'Donnell - Head of Legal Operations, Total S.A. (France)  

    • Thierry Perrouault - Legal Operations General Counsel, Orange (France)  

  • Co-Organizers

    About ACC Legal Operations

    ACC Legal Operations is a member-driven section of the Association of Corporate Counsel that supports corporate legal operations professionals by delivering benchmarking, resources, and opportunities to collaborate. We also serve as a unified voice to advance this critical business function.

    About Consilio

    Consilio’s global team of expert problem solvers work every day with legal departments of multinational corporations and their outside counsel to respond to legal matters, reduce legal spend, minimize risks, and operate more efficiently. Whether supporting clients with our legal consulting, eDiscovery, or document review services, we pride ourselves in delivering service excellence, wherever and whenever it matters to our clients. Our knowledge and best practices have been forged from engagements on thousands of matters with hundreds of clients, all around the world. That knowledge also fuels our own technology innovation providing clients with greater leverage to solve challenges at a lower cost and risk. From a tactical perspective we can help assess your legal department’s performance, reduce cost through external spend and in-house workload analysis, in addition to, selection and implementation of legal department technology.


    Please contact or +1 202 677 4776.


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