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Elizabeth Wall, President, Elizabeth Wall Partners International LLC

1. Be proactive - don't wait for the axe to fall

  • Ascertain the facts -timing, likely severance package details, etc. as early as possible
  • Discuss potential options with your employer - part-time, fixed term/fixed price contract work, a temporary cut in pay etc
  • Consult your CPA or personal attorney before negotiating a severance deal: consider paid-for outsourcing support, certain severance benefits to be commuted into cash or "purchase" of extra/extended benefits from cash payment
  • Arrange testimonials and job references from bosses before leaving the company

2. Faced with job loss? Don't panic, a cool head is needed to make the best of the situation

  • Job loss is a shock to the system, make allowances
  • Claim your unemployment entitlements - you paid for them!
  • Forget embarrassment - you're a member of big club with some impressive members
  • Be honest about losing your job with yourself, family and friend; get their support
  • Take professional advice on sorting out your affairs

3. Clear the decks for your new job search

  • List postponed projects/commitments, movies/shows missed, books unread; make a pragmatic schedule to catch up
  • Refresh all contacts - ˜reintroduce' yourself to people you have neglected

4. Job-hunting may be the hardest job you ever do!

  • Develop a detailed plan of action as you would a complex work project
  • Find a coach, or better still, a mentor or two
  • Project a positive demeanor and smart image, firm-up your handshake and smile a lot!
  • Network your socks off
  • Explore all avenues and alternatives, think laterally about new opportunities, don't wallow in negativity, remain determinedly positive but realistic

5. Be kind to yourself:

  • Socialize with positive people Award yourself treats when your spirits flag
  • Whatever your "vices" remember - moderation in all things, even chocolate!
  • When you feel fed up, roll up your sleeves and tackle those tasks which never seem to get done - clear the yard, declutter the closets, donate those "treasures" in the loft and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done with a favorite movie or a good book

6. Pep up your body and soul maintenance

7. Take a sabbatical, finances permitting, for travel, voluntary service or taking a course in cookery, a foreign language, yoga etc

8. Reach out to other similarly placed individuals; compare notes, share tips and reciprocate with referrals

9. Thank and acknowledge everyone who helps you, by return, preferably with a handwritten note

10. Watch out for our "10 Top Tips for Maximizing the Value of your Time in Transition" in the ACC Docket!

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