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We are excited to advise that we are now taking applications for our next Future Leaders Mentoring Program. 

Senior Legal Counsel (EY), Nektaria Halatsis went all-in for the 2021 program, participating as both a mentee and a mentor. Her experience of the program has far outweighed her expectations. We interviewed Nektaria to find out the secret of her success.

Nektaria Halatsis


What made you decide to enter the program?

The program is held by a globally recognised association specifically tailored for in-house lawyers which I found appealing. Throughout my career I have found that growth can be nurtured and expedited by progressive and inspirational personal experiences. I felt that the ACC Australia program could potentially offer this to me and allow me to impart my experiences to others, which it did. It is also just great to have access to someone who can offer a different perspective to a work colleague, friend, or family member.

Why did you choose to be a mentee and mentor?

I believe that as lawyers, it is beneficial to have a professional mentor outside of our workplace to bounce ideas off each other and to assist in personal and career growth. I also believe in sharing knowledge. I thought it was a great opportunity to do both because when I have participated in previous mentoring programs, I have learnt from my mentees as their mentor and vice versa. Consequently, I took the opportunity that arose to do both.

What did you personally get out of the program?

First and foremost, I developed new, great relationships. As a mentor, I was able to contribute and give to another person whilst watching them grow and meet their goals. As a mentee, I continued to learn and develop and similarly reach some of my personal career goals during the program. Achieving this makes me happy, I find it meaningful, and it enhances a sense of fulfillment which is important for my wellbeing.

Being a mentor and mentee was a double commitment of your time, how did you fit it all in?

It goes without saying that you need to be organised and disciplined. Like anything you value in life, you just make time for it.

What were the benefits and challenges of being both mentor and mentee?

I was fortunate to be paired with a great mentee and mentor. The only challenge would be the time commitment but overall being a mentor and mentee at the same time provided me with many benefits. To name a few, as a mentor I was able to impart my knowledge, exercise my leadership skills and learn from the next generation. Whilst at the same time, as a mentee I was able to learn from someone who was committed to the process. I was matched with a mentor who had experienced a similar career path, which translated to an instant understanding and connection.

What advice would you give someone considering entering the program as either a mentor or mentee?

When applying, be very clear with your objectives and requirements which will assist the coordinator match you with the best person for you. Trust the process and do not be afraid to extend yourself.


The 2022 Future Leaders Mentoring Program commences on 31 January 2022 and runs through until 3 December 2022. 

To be inspired and guided by a mentor who is matched especially to your development needs next year, do not delay. Get in early and receive 50%+ off the regular rate of $395.00. No need to pay anything up front, we will invoice you the $195+GST administrative fee only if a suitable match is found for you. Complete your mentee application now.

Share your knowledge and experience as a mentor in the 2022 program by submitting a mentor application form now. Please note, if you are a repeat mentor, no need to complete a form, simply email and we will access your last completed mentor application form.

Find out more about the 2022 Future Leaders Mentoring Program on the ACC Australia website or email