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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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With most of the professional workforce now operating from home, ServiceScaler has put together some tips for overcoming technological challenges you may experience while working away from the office.


For best connectivity, we recommend avoiding the WiFi and connecting up to your modem or WiFi router using a network cable. If this isn’t feasible, then make sure you have good WiFi signal. A better WiFi router with a higher “AC” number (Eg, AC3200), or a range extender will help, and WiFi routers with MU-MIMO capability even more-so. You can acquire these types of devices at most large appliance and technology stores.

Always have a backup. Tethering from your mobile using hotspot could be the difference between joining and missing that critical meeting, so make sure it works in case you need to switch to it on short notice.

In limited bandwidth scenarios, close all applications. Background applications can consume bandwidth, even when not being used. Disabling HD video can also help for video conferencing.


When working from home, we recommend ensuring your devices are up to date with software updates, you have a paid anti-virus product installed, and that you set your Network profile to Public (Select Network Icon in Notification Settings, Network and Internet Settings, Change connection properties, set to Public).
Where available, using a VPN and Multi-Factor Authentication will further enhance your cyber security. You may need to speak with your IT team or vendor to have these technologies provisioned.


Ensure you can receive IT support for your home network when there is an issue. If you are using a company issued device your IT team will most likely have remote access software installed to log in and help, but if you are using your personal device then you might want to arrange how you will provide remote support access to your IT team in the event of an issue. You won’t be dropping by the office for support in the meantime, so remote support is essential.

Working from home can be challenging at the best of times, but access to the right tools and techniques will enable you to maximise your effectiveness as a remote worker. And who knows, once this all blows over you might continue working from home, now you have the tools to do so.