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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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Coaching advocates

A group of leading international lawyers have joined forces, under the banner of Coaching Advocates, to create a global executive coaching business focussed on helping lawyers, law firms and in-house legal teams modernise their approach to practising law.  

And for a short time, ACC members are invited to enjoy an exclusive offer from Coaching Advocates to save up to $300 on their Modern Lawyer program, as explained below! 
The Coaching Advocates’ team aims to bring more humanity to the law so that lawyers not only survive, but thrive in the way they live and work. Founders Claire Bibby, Lara Wentworth, Frieda Levycky and Katie Gray have all practised law in senior legal positions for many years. 

As lawyers coaching lawyers, Coaching Advocates’ mission is to modernise the way law firms and corporates work, creating a more sustainable and healthy work environment for lawyers without compromising on the bottom line. Their team of 12 coaches are all internationally qualified in a variety of coaching methodologies and span the continents of Australasia, Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

Through their one of a kind 1 on 1 coaching, team and group coaching programs, and online courses, Coaching Advocates work with lawyers on how they can achieve success and high performance without having to sacrifice personal happiness, health and fulfilment. And whilst coaching in law firms has been traditionally viewed as an individual pursuit, or reserved for partners only, Coaching Advocates wants to elevate the effectiveness of coaching to a much broader level. 

We probably all know that lawyers frequently operate in a bubble where there is very little recognition of thinking outside of the box of the lawyers who came before them.  

“Even in this day and age, 86% of working professionals would rather suffer in silence than tell their boss that they are struggling, for fear of being fired or passed over for promotion.”

Jerome Doraisamy, The Wellness Doctrines, Xoum Publishing 2015

Professional 1 on 1 coaching can provide the guidance and support needed to bring about change in your life, be that personal or professional.  Australian lawyers have been slower than their US, Europe and UK counterparts in pursuing professional coaching, but the tide is changing.  Independent research released in 2020 by Barker Gilmore , from over 500 US lawyers pointed to the tangible benefits of coaching, as evidenced by:

  • 56% of promoted in-house counsel report having hired an executive coach
  • 83% of counsel rated the value of the coaching as extremely valuable (37%) or valuable (46%)

Coaching Advocates’ flagship online offering, The Modern Lawyer, is a 6 module course that runs for 12 weeks, and can be completed over 24 weeks. Participants can add-on live group calls with the other international participants in their program and/or engage in 3 x 1 on 1 coaching sessions with any of Coaching Advocates’ 12 professional coaches.

The Modern Lawyer program covers all the things they don't teach you in University or in practice, such as:

  • mindset - discover who you are as a lawyer versus who you want to be
  • effective communication - understand and develop your communication style and recognise the styles of others
  • emotional intelligence - understand the importance of emotional intelligence and gain practical tools to demonstrate and improve your EI in an increasingly stressful world
  • embracing change - understand the resistance lawyers have to change and practical ways to overcome it.
  • building a business – build your confidence and develop your skills to effectively build and maintain a strong client base
  • relationships - enhance your effectiveness in building relationships, especially with clients and colleagues

The course is jam packed with exercises, workbooks, videos and activities - providing a practical, informative and enjoyable way to get involved in personalised professional development in the comfort of an online, or blended, environment.

A gold-standard global service

The Coaching Advocates’ team lives up to their name. They are coaches, they are advocates and they are advocates of coaching. Their mission is to coach the legal industry from the inside out. 

ACC Special Offer

As mentioned above, two of the Founders are ex in-house lawyers and when creating The Modern Lawyer program, they were focussed on providing a product that caters for our sector. As an ACC member, if you sign up to The Modern Lawyer program before 6 September, you can enjoy an exclusive discount. Just quote the code for the relevant course on registration:

Program Content Standard Price ACC Special Offer
Online A$695

Save $50 and only pay A$645 
Discount code: ca-mlo-21

Online, plus fortnightly live group calls A$995

Save $150 and only pay A$845
Discount code: ca-mlo+live-21

Online, plus 3 x 1 on 1 private coaching A$1,995

Save $100 and only pay A$1,895
Discount code: ca-mlo+1to1-21

Online, plus fortnightly live group calls, plus 3 x 1 on 1 private coaching A$2,295

Save $300 and only pay $1,995
Discount code: ca-mlo+live+1to1-21

To connect with Coaching Advocates, or book an introductory call with one of their professional coaches, please email  

You can also follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.


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