ACC membership is open to individuals who are engaged in the active practice of law employed by organizations in either the private or public sector, do not have regulatory, enforcement or policymaking responsibilities nor work in an institution with such authority, and do not hold themselves out to the public for the practice of law. Eligible positions include full-time in-house and contract attorneys on a long-term placement. Please review the full eligibility requirements.

Cost of Membership

ACC offers a tiered dues structure for individual members based on the World Bank's indicators of Gross National Income. Residents of low-tier countries pay 25% of the high tier price, residents of lower-middle tier countries pay 50% of the high tier price, and residents of the upper-middle tier countries pay 75% of the high tier price. Your price is determined by your country of residence, not your country of origin, and will be automatically calculated.

  • High Tier: $399 USD
  • Upper-Middle Tier: $299 USD
  • Lower-Middle Tier: $199 USD
  • Low Tier: $99 USD


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Australia and Hong Kong Residents

For individuals and organizations in Australia and  Hong Kong, certain aspects of membership vary. 

Australian Membership

Hong Kong Membership

Corporate Law Departments

For corporate law departments looking to enroll nine or more lawyers, ACC offers discounted rates through our corporate membership program.

Corporate Membership