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While dispute finance or litigation funding is so often associated with class actions, for corporate legal teams it can be a strategic option for not only undertaking costly litigation but also potentially generating revenue.

In an environment where all spend is watched closely, dispute financing can provide value and benefits to corporates, their legal teams and law firm partners. However, it isn’t a well understood concept.

Recently, we were fortunate to speak with Leanne Meyer, Investment Manager and Legal Counsel at Omni Bridgeway, a global dispute financing organisation. Before taking on this role in February, Leanne was General Counsel for RSL NSW and prior to that a private practice commercial litigator, so she has a wealth of experience working across different roles and wearing different hats.

“I come to this concept of dispute financing and how it can be used and how it can be a useful proposition for an in-house legal function with very fresh eyes – I still look at the dispute financing concept through the lens and perspective of a General Counsel,” said Leanne.

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Join Leanne Meyer at the In-house Legal Virtual Conference where a panel will discuss ‘Doing more with less’ – Using dispute finance to unlock legal assets while reserving capital

The panel will explore how an organisation’s legal claims are valuable assets. If leveraged, these assets can be transformed into a revenue source that boosts the bottom line. However, taking steps to realise this value needs to be balanced against the cost to the business of doing so.

In the current economic climate, reserving capital for business continuity has become even more critical than ever, while organisations also need to look for financial solutions to continue growth and sustainability, to find new ways of doing things and to positively bolster the bottom line. This panel session, which will include two in-house counsel, will examine how dispute finance can help in-house legal teams untap these legal assets to realise value while reserving capital for continuity and growth.

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