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Working in-house requires creative thinking, relationship building and emotional intelligence, all of which comes in shades of grey. In an industry where the law is black and white, cognitive neuroscientist, engineer and Founder/CEO of the NeuroTech Institute, Dr. Fiona Kerr believes adaptability is hugely important. Dr. Kerr has studied how to engage multiple areas of the brain to increase both complex problem solving and communication effectiveness and will be joining us at the South Australian In-House Counsel Day this month.  

Dr. Fiona Kerr

Her session will be a fascinating exploration of the human brain's intricacies. She will explain why cognitive complexity and abstract reasoning are better thought of as a physiological trait rather than a skill. Dr. Kerr will share not only that this can be improved but will also explore how. 

“Many of the questions, cases and conundrums encountered by lawyers are complex in nature, yet the majority of analytical tools presently use linear processes and limit the abstractive process which is best suited to complex problem-solving.

A powerful and wonderfully positive caveat is our cognitive ability for plasticity, which means that when put into situations that work specific cognitive areas, most people will increase capacity, encoded knowledge and interconnectivity through use and attention. This means managers can positively impact these capabilities in those they manage, as well as themselves, which we will explore.” 

While there is the traditional thought that people are naturally right-brained and left-brained, Dr. Kerr shares that this is largely a myth.  

“The brain is highly integrated, and we are constantly learning how interconnected it is during any activity. A more accurate way to think about this is that some people are more linear in their thinking and others are more complex. We will explore the pros and cons of both, why linear thinkers tend to filter out more (relevant) information, and why complex thinkers like disconfirming information, critical to complex decision making.”  

Dr. Kerr will share how to influence team and stakeholder relationships for better outcomes, and how to improve interactions and innovation within your own organisation.

Click the link below for further session details.

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