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We live in volatile world, with high a degree of uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Change is the only guarantee. If we are not being disrupted (externally), then we need to be proactively disrupting, to stay afloat remain competitive and relevant. Join us at the WA In-House Counsel Day to understand what a Disruptive Strategic Innovation Specialist does and how their work can benefit in-house lawyers.

Premila Jina

"Over time, it is human nature to become change fatigued or immune to problems. Common indicators are sayings like "that's the way we've always done it" or "If it ain't broke don't fix it". They become part of daily dialogue.

Somehow the problems are normalised and we learn to work around them, or worse still, we don't recognise them as problems anymore!

Disruption is a deliberate intervention. It's recognising the problem and challenging the status quo. It's challenging our own thoughts and acceptance. Recognising that there is always a smarter and better way of doing things. 

We don't get this amazing creativity alone, this is not a one man show, it is a collaborative approach. People coming together, addressing the problem together in a safe space where they can be free to share ANY idea."

The three key takeout’s that you will walk away with from this session are:  

  1. A formula 

    A simple and powerful playbook of repeatable patterns 

  2. Experience 

    Hands on experience and confidence to use this framework to create disruption

  3. Spark a Growth Mindset. 

    Certain technologies and services were helpful to get us to this point, and now we need to adopt and innovate co-created solutions using an expansive set of communication tools.

Premila will take us through how we can be smart and innovative, and a little disruptive, to have a more enriched life and work experience. 

Click the link below for further session details.

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