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The world is changing rapidly and businesses are required to move quickly and pivot to remain relevant and keep afloat during these strange times. Legal counsel are critical to decision-making and play a critical role in ensuring risk and compliance are mitigated and controlled. For those who are new to in-house, what can you do to make your mark and demonstrate your worth to the business during these times? What skills are required to ensure that you are being as relevant and critical to the business strategy and operations?

As a sneak peek to what attendees can expect from the session we asked Theo Kapodistrias, Lawyer, University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Divisional President and Director, ACC Australia, a few questions to find out what you can expect at this virtual panel discussion. 

As a sneak peek to what attendees can expect, can you share one or two ways those new to in-house counsel can demonstrate their worth during these times?

Legal counsel can demonstrate their worth by partnering with the business rather than being an obstacle. Businesses are pivoting and learning new things. An important lesson for those new to in-house is saying 'no' straight off the bat will not win you too many favours (unless there really isn't any other answer!). We'll explore what partnering is, and how it can be done well. 

We'll also get to chat about creating and demonstrating what value actually is. There is often talk about demonstrating value, but no one ever really explains it.  

Managing up is a learnt skill that allows you to influence people who are more senior and who may be approach work differently. What are some of the key ways someone new to in-house specifically can manage up whilst working remotely? And does this differ to working face to face?

Managing up can be tricky. We will explore how new to in-house lawyers are able to use those key technical legal skills to support their teams. One of the best thing law school teaches is not necessarily the specific answer, but how to find the answer. During periods where there are a lot of unknowns, these research skills are key. Finding an answer and presenting an answer in a form that is easy to understand and has practical application is golden. 

How does someone new to in-house ensure they are still developing new skills during the pandemic?

The amazing thing during this period is the number of things which have gone online! I try and take a small period of time each week to join a webinar, read about something I'm interested in, and continue to learn and grow every day. For those who are new to in-house, there is a good chance you will need to be across new, different, and exciting issues of law - take the opportunity by being trapped at home to learn about these things. Being part of a network such as ACC Australia, there are amazing resources which come with the membership which is there for development - take advantage! 

If a Legal Manager was reading this can you explain what benefits would a less experienced employee get from attending this session?

One of the best ways to learn is through conversation and peer-to-peer learning. I'd love to encourage managers to send their new to in-house colleagues to join the webinar to hear from our panel of experts who have many wise words to share! It'll be an engaging and interesting conversation with plenty of key takeaways and actionable content which individuals will be able to use. Attendees will also get to ask questions (over the Q&A functionality of the webinar platform) and ask those burning questions of our panel. 

Following the presentation ACC Australia will be hosting a virtual networking session from 12.00 PM using our new virtual event platform! Grab a drink and we’ll break you into smaller groups so that you can catch up with peers, discuss the insights gained, share what you’ve been experiencing in your own workplace.

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