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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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  • 2021 Wellness Programming


    Past sessions:

    MARCH 3rd 2021: Monthly Wellness Check-in (11AM PST/2PM EST) 

    Join Jeff & Jill and other ACC members in an informal venue to share your well-being successes and challenges, or to simply talk with fellow corporate counsel about how you are doing during this time of working remotely and sharing your tips for getting navigating your well-being. These virtual check-in calls will include simple mindfulness/relaxation exercises, tips on how to optimize your home workout, ACC wellness resources, and other relevant topics. 

  • Annual Meeting 2020 Wellness Activities

    The ACC Wellness Advisory Board, Program Operations Team, and ACC staff are thrilled to share the recordings from the 2020 Annual Meeting!

    ACC Wellness: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation – How to Easily Add Quiet to Your Day

    Let’s connect and be calm together in this participatory introduction to mindfulness and meditation. Jill Kalliomaa, Senior Legal Counsel, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research will lead a brief discussion on mindfulness basics followed by a guided meditation practice session incorporating several practices you can easily use to add calm, quiet and joy to your day: mindful body scan, gratitude practice, silent meditation, and compassion/well-being practice.


    ACC Wellness: Tools for Relaxing the Anxious Brain - Jeena Cho

    It’s a stressful and anxious time for many. You may be overwhelmed trying to figure out how to work from home, manage childcare, care for elderly parents, and worry about what’s ahead. Join Jeena Cho, co-author of the best-selling book, The Anxious Lawyer,  to discuss these challenges and the tools we can use towards self-improvement.


    ACC Wellness: Resilience - A necessary quality for great lawyers. A discussion on health & wellness
    Cheree Johnson, McCormick & Company, and LaTanya Langley, Vice President & General Counsel, BIC Developing Markets, BIC International Co.

    Many times, we fail to make our own health needs a priority and focus on others. This deep commitment to others, but neglect of oneself can sometimes lead to debilitating health concerns. Even more so for those who are in significant leadership roles, the balance to health and well-being alongside career aspirations often requires becoming your own health advocate. Join Cheree Johnson, McCormick & Company, and LaTanya Langley, BIC International Co. as they share their journey.


    Zeel - Ergonomics and Mobility: Optimize your workspace and routines to support day-to-day health and long-term mobility.

    Optimize your workspace and routines to support day-to-day health and long-term mobility.


    ACC Wellness: Anatomy of a Crisis: Phases of Addiction

    Twenty percent of Lawyers face addiction issues today, double the national average. In this session, we explore how to identify and stop addiction at each phase (nurturing, maturation, and crisis) and how we can help our colleagues, loved ones, or, ourselves, to break the cycle and take the first steps on a critical journey to better health. 

    We are delighted to be joined by Wellness Advisory Committee member Jim Patton, who will deliver an overview on the broader state of lawyer wellness, along with Catherine Grothus, LPC, CAC-I, and Brendan J. McGowan, International Membership and Chapters Manager,to hear an intimate story of addiction paired with key analysis and identification of intervention points. 


    ACC Wellness: A Story of Change & How to Stop Conventional Stupidity from Ruining your Health


    Join Andre Obradovic, Primal Health Coach & Triathlon and Endurance Coach, to hear practical advice on overcoming challenges to be your healthiest self.



  • OnDemand Programs

    How Promotable Are You? Using the Five Key Elements of Promotability for In-House Legal Professionals

    How promotable are you? Being promotable can fast track your career. It means you have skills that are highly sought after and valued in your current or a future role. When you possess these skills it means you’re at the top of your game -- and that gives you better career choices. Join former Fortune Global 50 exec and coach Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD as she walks you through the five key elements of promotability possessed by corporate leaders – and sought out by management teams when deciding who to promote and invest in as leaders.

    After attending this webinar, you will understand:

    · The five key elements of promotability – what they are and why they make you a more effective, valuable leader
    · How to assess your strengths and opportunities
    · Specific actions you can take to increase your progress in each area, and how to create a development checklist with next steps to advance your career

    To see where you stack up with the leadership elements that get you promoted, download Amii’s Promotability Index™ at .


    Leading in a Pandemic: How Visionary Leaders Create Opportunities for Business, Diversity & Inclusion

    Proactive business leaders in law firms, corporate legal departments or beyond are seizing the moment in the midst of a pandemic to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and belonging – and ultimately positive business – survive and thrive as important, ongoing strategic imperatives.  Whether it is identifying who serves on the pandemic task force, taping talent for an inter-departmental effort focused on re-shaping the business post-pandemic or identifying future leaders based on how they have risen to the occasion during a crisis, dynamic leaders are vocally advocating on behalf of highly-capable diverse talent for these kinds of career-expanding opportunities, while also ensuring that diverse business leaders are not inadvertently marginalized or caught in the pandemic watershed. Seasoned leaders will share some important lessons learned and best practices to safeguard the hard-earned, post-recession gains in diversity and inclusion, and why now is the best time to double-down on inclusion


    Maximizing Opportunities, Maintaining Productivity & Exercising Good Judgment in Challenging Times

    We are in uncharted territory and many are wondering how to perform the day-to-day responsibilities of work in a productive, thoughtful way. During this webinar, legal industry and workplace expert, Debbie Epstein Henry, will share recommendations for maximizing opportunities, maintaining productivity and navigating your way in a time of upheaval.  Join us with your questions and be prepared for an interactive session to strategize collaboratively on how to do our best and be our best in these uncertain times. 


    Actionable Resilience: Applied Strategy and Tactics for Enhanced Efficiency, Agility and Nimbleness

    Are you looking at a return to work needing a breather that you know to be impossible? Are you looking back at the last 7 weeks, wondering if your perspective is on or off? Are you shifting gears by moving up or over to a new job or role with repositioned responsibilities made more complex by the unknowns associated with what the “new normal” may hold? At this session, you will hear and learn techniques on how you may internally react to and embrace change with more adaptable thinking to increase your ability to achieve efficiency gains from opportunistically leveraging both tools and change as a tool in its own right. Join us for this one-time personal and professional advancement seminar. Our panel will examine the root competencies cutting across human interactions with an emphasis on applied strategies and tactics for the legal environment and beyond, encompassing elements of legal, compliance and operations together with wellness.


    Cultural competence to succeed as a team Leader, team player, and business partner

    Cultural competence can be defined as productivity and creativity in multicultural situations, and is a critical skill for participating in teams, leading teams and partnering with or advising others. Business leaders encounter many cultural differences in today’s interconnected, global and rapidly changing world.  Being able to identify and understand cultures, and utilizing this knowledge to become curious and invite creative thinking are at the core of cultural competence.


    The business consequences of bad behavior 

    The past year saw the fall of many powerful individuals in the sports and entertainment fields and beyond due to personal misconduct, sparking the rise of the #MeToo movement and other grassroots initiatives. However, the damage went beyond people: Companies that tolerated or empowered bad behavior suffered as well. Explore what led to the groundswell of change and what it means for the future. Discuss best practices for developing a culture of compliance and the risks of failing to do so, including an exploration of the legal and public relations implications for companies and individuals.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD

    BAD (burnout, addiction & depression) is not good for your legal department

    In-house counsel are often called upon to provide continuous support in stressful, critical matters. Recent studies on the health and well-being of lawyers—and on the effects of chronic stress—remind us that the practice of law involves pressures that can lead to burnout, addiction and depression.Fortunately, there are well-understood strategies and interventions to prevent or de-escalate the negative side effects of high-octane legal careers. Join our panelists, who include a nationally renowned psychologist, a practitioner with experience in mindfulness and in-house counsel, as they identify some of the most common warning signs of burnout and depression and provide positive ideas for coping. The session will present real-world scenarios and interactive simulations to help you handle unanticipated workplace challenges, reduce stress and use new communication and stress reduction skills to be your best self.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD

    Super lawyers: ethical implications of stress burnout and substance use

    This session will discuss the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-being,  which presents alarming evidence of the effects of stress, burnout,  suicide and substance use within the legal profession, and makes  recommendations for what leaders in the profession can do about it.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD


    Permission to create a well and resilient legal workplace 

    Mary is passionate about sharing her knowledge of wellness in the law and is committed to her involvement with The Minds Count Foundation (formerly known as the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation).  Mary will speak from her experience both as a Director of Minds Count and as Managing Partner at Swaab, a Sydney based commercial law firm.  Over the last six years, Mary has put in place numerous initiatives to develop a culture of wellness within the Swaab community.  Mary will share current research and data on wellness in the law, the TJMF Best Practice Guidelines and provide practical examples of how to implement a culture of wellness and ensure that employees physical and psychological health is front and centre.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD

    WHAT (Wellness, Health, and Treatment) Is Good for Your Legal Department

    In-house counsel are well aware that “BAD” (Burnout, Addiction, and Depression) is not good for legal departments, but you may not know “WHAT” (Wellness, Health, and Treatment) can help. As a follow up to last year’s popular “BAD” session, we will delve more deeply into concepts like mindfulness and stress reduction in the workplace, with a focus on how companies are implementing mental health programs and practical tips for making them successful. Join our panelists, who include counsel with experience implementing mental health programs, as well as a nationally renowned psychologist, for another important session on strategies for making the legal department—and the workplace—a healthier place.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD

    Setting the Course for 2019: Success through Mindfulness and Resiliency

    Is the practice of law causing you stress or making you feel overwhelmed? Are you looking for tools to help you improve your resiliency to stress, or to help you better manage your practice?  Resiliency training and mindfulness practices can improve response to stress, provide greater focus and efficiency, and facilitate more effective presence for your clients and teams.  As leaders, managers and employees, we have a responsibility to lead by example and promote effectiveness, efficiency, health and well-being in the workplace.  Join Wendy Maines and Ariel Cudkowicz  to explore the concepts of resiliency and mindfulness, and to examine mindfulness tools that may help you better manage and even ward off unproductive conflict and hostility.

    OnDemand CLE/CPD

  • ACC Resources

    Supporting Wellness: Improving the Health of Corporate Counsel, Our Profession and Our Communities

    The American Bar Association did a recent study with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation as the first national study on attorney substance use and mental health concerns.  The conclusions were alarming for corporate counsel in that attorneys experience problematic drinking and alcohol use disorders at a higher rate than any other professional populations. Mental health distress is also significant with levels of depression, anxiety, and stress among attorneys being very significant with over 25% experiencing moderate to severe symptoms. There is a significant need to address “personal wellness” for attorneys, law students and judges.    

    Additionally, the “corporate wellness” theme is based on the proven effectiveness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and how a company can help solve social issues while benefiting from improvements in public image, media coverage, employee engagement and moral, and the attraction and retention of investors.

    Program Materials

    Ethics for Stressed 'Super Lawyers'

    The goal of this Super Lawyer ethics program is to add value to your “stressed” corporate counsel career by sharing recent research and success stories, tools to immediately enhance and “de-stress” your practice, plus a simple way to identify and resolve professional responsibility issues in the workplace.  Trends in corporate well-being initiatives help address the lack of mindfulness, egoism, issue avoidance, substance use, and the need for rest and recovery. Through real ethics case scenarios and a lively discussion of the US Model Rules of Professional Conduct, participants will gain useful managerial takeaways for handling changes in the workplace, practice of law, including practical takeaways scalable by law department size.  Return to the office with a new “well-being kit” and strategies to promote ethical, sustainable, high-level performance, while issue spotting among colleagues who may need help.  

    Program Materials

    Say Yes to Well-being: How Daily Incremental Changes Can Transform our Lives

    Mindful Inspiration: How to Start a Well-being Movement for your ACC Chapter

    Adjusting to the New Normal: Teleworking

    Beyond Stressed: A Lawyer's Guide to Managing Mental Health 

    How to be Purposeful: "Eat Slow" and Be Mindful

    The Work-Life Balance Paradox

    Ask Aliya: How to Become a Mindful Lawyer

    How In-house Counsel Can Prevent Burnout 

    5 Ways to Transform Your Health Right from Your Desk

    How to Fit in a Workout Routine (Even with a Long Commute and No Gym) 

    3 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress During the Holidays

    5 Steps to Effective Mindful Leadership

    Office Organization Checklist

    Creating a Mindful Workplace

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) issues pose risks to companies. Can Chief Legal Officers help drive solutions?

    Ivan Fong on Leading 3M’s Legal Transformation, Multidistrict Litigation, and Lawyer Wellness

    My Take: Be Well

    Small Law: Care and Feeling

    Lead the Way: Mastering the Balancing Act of Work-life Balance

  • Zeel at ACC!

    Zeel Logo


    The Association of Corporate Counsel and Zeel are thrilled to offer discounted services to ACC Members!* 

    What is Zeel?

    Zeel’s nationwide network of licensed, certified, and vetted wellness providers can either travel directly to your workplace or are available online for virtual  wellness and recovery services that give everyone the power to feel and function their best.

    What is available at a discount to ACC Members?

    • Virtual YogaExpert yoga instruction, customized for the work environment and designed to leave employees feeling energized and refreshed. Virtual Yoga will give employees actionable tools to improve their ergonomic health and maintain healthy focus throughout the day.
    • Virtual Mindfulness: Employees will be guided through relaxation and breath techniques via live videoconferencing, designed to help them manage stress and increase productivity.
    • Guided Stretching: A wide-ranging practice designed to address an array of musculoskeletal concerns—from the neck and shoulder tension of desk work to the high-impact strains of working on your feet.
    • Virtual Ergonomics & Mobility: Wide-ranging benefits of musculoskeletal health support, delivered in a practical, accessible way. Instruction includes mobility routines to combat work-related strains—including working from home—and actionable guidance on setting up workspaces to support healthy bodies for the long term.

    What does it cost?  


    ACC Member Price
    (Weekly Group Class)

    ACC Member Price
    (Monthly Group Class)

    Group: In-Office/In-Person (Per Class)

    USD$ 269

    USD$ 314

    Group: Virtual (Per Class)

    USD$ 179

    USD$ 224

    One-One: In-Office/In-Person (Price/hour; minimum of 4, non-consecutive hours )

    USD$ 80

    USD$ 89

    One-One: Virtual (Price/hour; minimum of 2, non-consecutive hours)

    USD$ 71

    USD$ 80

    To receive your discount code, please contact Brendan J. McGowan at

    * Services only available in the United States

  • About


    The vision for the Wellness Initiative is to offer engaging and substantive opportunities that promote education, support and solutions to improve the legal practice and lives of corporate counsel.   

    What is ACC's Wellness Initiative? 

    The Wellness Initiative provides suggested guidelines and resources for the in-house legal community, regardless of department size, to support the needs of the whole person, including those who may be experiencing impairment.  

  • Supporters


          James Patton Headshot






    James Patton
    Vice President for Advancement and General Counsel
    Christian Care Communities

    James Patton currently serves as chief legal officer and vice president of advancement for The Broadhurst Group in Louisville, KY overseeing senior care communities across Kentucky. He is both a legal and business executive in the senior living and long-term care communities. He has years of experience managing executive relationships and is recognized as an ethical team player delivering streamlined and cost-efficient legal solutions that foster organizational effectiveness, brand engagement, and revenue growth. His colleagues see him as a strategic legal and entrepreneurial thinker with proven ability to set a clear vision, build high performance teams, communicate with stakeholders, and transact business in cross-cultural settings.

    He is an author, legal education speaker, and provides leadership to several nonprofits including Appleseed Network, ACC, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, and others. He is the founder of National Community Service Day for ACC helping build corporate social responsibility programs. He also serves as an ambassador for ACC’s global wellness initiative. He is a youth mentor and advisor for the US Congressional Award Foundation and the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

    Mr. Patton graduated with his LLM from the University of Miami. He holds a JD from the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, and a MDiv from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


    Claudette Patton
    National Legal Education Speaker, Professor, Executive Well-Being Advisor

    Claudette Patton is a consummate networker and encourager now that she’s retired from the full-time practice of law. Founding, she now draws upon her legal and education experience to help children gain access to justice, education, and benefits. Ms. Patton’s passion for mentoring and positioning others for success is evident by her recent completion of doctoral coursework in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Her focus is on the many aspects of workplace culture that improve engagement, foster well-being and avoid burnout, such as meaningful work, positive leadership, resiliency training and more.

    She was a member of law review, The Journal of Family law, and editor of the Journal of Law and Education. As a former assistant attorney general for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, law clerk for the US District Court Western Division, university professor, and successful litigator, she was moved by the ABA’s call to action to find solutions for colleagues seeking to recover from stress, burnout and substance abuse.

    She is an author, national legal education speaker, motivational trainer, and board member for several nonprofits, including the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization Foundation, and the Olive Branch Foundation. She is a youth advisor for the US Congressional Award Foundation, serves as a mentor for at-risk youth, and helps support cadets at the National Guard Challenge Academy.

    Ms. Patton is a three-time graduate of the University of Louisville earning a BS, MEd, and JD.

          Jill Kalliomaa






    Jill Kalliomaa
    Senior Legal Counsel

    Jill is Senior Legal Counsel for GNF, a drug discovery research institute in La Jolla, California, part of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the global healthcare company.  Jill’s practice has included contracts, compliance, and intellectual property, and she has broad experience in creating solutions and relationships for innovative industries including biotech and telecommunications.  Jill has been serving on the ACC’s SoCal chapter Board since 2016 and is a co-creator and Co-Chair of the chapter's newly formed Attorney Well-Being Committee.

            Jeffrey Compangano






    Jeffrey Compangano
    General Counsel & Vice President
    Word & Brown Companies

    Jeffrey is the General Counsel and Vice President for the Word & Brown Companies, a leading California provider in health insurance and benefits administration products.  Jeff manages all legal matters for his organization’s corporate divisions, including complex contract negotiations, Intellectual Property, and mergers and acquisitions.  He served on the Board of the ACC’s SoCal chapter from 2010 to 2016 and still remains active by participating on numerous committees and as a co-creator and Co-Chair of the chapter's newly formed Attorney Well-Being Committee.

    Rebecca Collins


    Rebecca Collins
    Senior Counsel, Global Corporate Affairs

    Rebecca Collins is Senior Counsel, Global Corporate Affairs for Chubb.  Her practice focuses on corporate governance, transactional and intellectual property matters.  She has extensive experience in the insurance industry and focuses on working collaboratively to provide practical solutions that help her clients achieve their objectives.  Rebecca is also the Immediate Past President of the ACC Chicago Chapter, and remains active on several chapter committees.  

  • External Resources


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