ACC offers this Legal Operations Maturity Model as a reference tool. Use it to benchmark maturity in any given area(s), bearing in mind that priorities and aspirational targets will vary based on department size, staffing and budgets. We have partnered with leading legal service providers to produce the Foundational Toolkit to advance in each of the 14 functions. Members can link to the tools and on-demand webcasts below.

Maturity Model Stages


  • Manual tracking

  • Methodology differs by practice area (silos)

  • Focus is on external spending, mostly for budgeting purposes


  • Most metrics generated through manual synthesis of data from disparate systems

  • Ability to analyze external spend on a variety of dimensions; analytics applied to law firm performance management

  • Some metrics are established for internal performance management

  • Limited to relatively few, proven metrics (reducing/avoiding overload)


  • Well established automation for integrating and dashboarding of information.

  • Well balanced across financial controls, outcomes, and operational efficiency

  • Clearly linked to organizational objectives

  • Leading & lagging indicators of performance (including predictive analytics informing decision-making)

  • Measured relative to baselines, benchmarks and targets

Foundational Tools

Maturity Model Metrics & Analysis Toolkit Resource
"Metrics Framework” is a tool that can be leveraged by those moving from the early to intermediate stage.

Maturity Model Metrics & Analysis Toolkit Resource - Capture, Calculate and Report
This multiple tab spreadsheet provides a data capture form, with definitions and a template for data input fields (provides guidance on WHAT to track to generate metrics). Also included: dashboard for Core Metrics and Advanced Metrics.

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