The various programs available to ensure that staff from diverse backgrounds are not only hired but retained within the organization for the long-term. This includes empowering historically underrepresented individuals to contribute to decisions that impact employee satisfaction, well-being, and career success. 


  • Limited to corporate efforts to promote employee satisfaction / engagement and loyalty
  • Does not include scanning for or intervening to address voluntary attrition risk


  • Informal focus on retaining historically underrepresented individuals in Legal/Law Department
  • Mentorship and coaching occur on ad hoc basis
  • Attention is paid to Inclusion and Equity, but not systematically
  • Communities / networks/ ERGs are in place to build loyalty and support each other


  • Retention programs are robust and well-documented, include special attention to measuring and/or assessing attrition across employee demographics and roles, with a mindset of starting “retention” efforts as an on-going effort initiated shortly afteran employee is hired
  • Legal/Law department has specific diversity goals to work towards and track progress
  • Specific coaching and mentoring programs are systematically directed to historically underrepresented individuals who are deemed higher risk of attrition
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