Defining and communicating criteria for assessing readiness for leadership positions that supports inclusive and equitable outcomes. Prioritizing diversity goals in identifying candidates for leadership positions. 


  • Clarity and transparency of standards being used to assess talent and readiness for leadership positions
  • Regular reviews of the criteria used to identify existing succession candidates
  • Not qualifying or disqualifying candidates based on arbitrary characteristics [link to clear criteria for the position]
  • Training of decision makers for succession planning on unconscious bias


  • Establish aspirational goals
  • Corporate policy is supplemented with Legal-specific tailoring that may include attention to representation of historically underrepresented individuals in rising ranks
  • Identifying high-potential diverse candidates and assigning sponsors for giving visibility into upcoming opportunities
  • Assessment of EQ as important as IQ and technical skills
  • Oversight of succession diversity data, led by HR (e.g., ready now, ready in short-term or medium-term, etc.)
  • Leadership program for high-potential succession candidates


  • Inclusion of historically underrepresented individuals among candidates for succession is deliberate and target-driven
  • Building culture of agile succession consideration (flexible opportunity for other candidates that come into the running)
  • Formalized diversity succession goals
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