The efforts an organization takes to ensure their DE&I goals are achieved and the willingness to not move forward with a program if DE&I goals are not met. This includes working with internal and external stakeholders to remove barriers and establish valid incentives that communicate the importance of DE&I goals within the organization and the broader community. 



  • No mandated incentives or consequences based on DEI goals


  • Legal actively uses DEI metrics when considering whether to award work to a law firm


  • Legal provides incentives or imposes consequences based on a firm ’s overall DEI performance, not just for one matter; consequence could reduce overall fees or removal from panel if minimum representation levels are not met; incentive could be bonus payment at year-end, award. or opportunity for additional work
  • In the review of the performance of a company’s DEI program, all dimensions of are considered (i.e., gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities)
  • In the review of DEI performance, consideration is given to diversity at all levels (particularly equity partner) both for staffing on company’s matters and the firm’s overall diversity as publicly reported (ex: Vault).
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