Describes processes that are in place that provide equal opportunity for all team members to enhance current skills and acquire new ones. It also includes the training given to supervisors and employees to ensure an equitable and transparent performance evaluation system, and the implementation of mentorship and other formalized programs that level the playing field for career advancement. 


  • Clear and transparent standards of assessment
  • Basic annual review process that may include scan for gaps or inequities across the organization and effort to improve, but without structure


  • Sponsorship and mentorship programs are in place; to overcome limitations in sponsor pool, category matching may include training on cross-cultural relationships; participation is strongly encouraged and may be monitored
  • Development programs are transparent, no mystery or inconsistency about criteria for participation, accountabilities, assessments, etc.
  • Documented annual development plans for all employees
  • Formal oversight of annual reviews and actions taken to ensure equity of application of standards


  • Sponsorship program focused on development, advocacy, internal and external opportunities / visibility, and career advancement are highly evolved and robust, and adherence is tracked to ensure no one falls between the cracks; sponsors are supported through training and held accountable through performance reviews whereby compensation is impacted
  • Independent career coaches may be provided; if so, there is transparency about qualifications for coaching programs
  • Reverse mentoring programs may be in place, wherein historically underrepresented individuals help train / inform majority colleagues about cultural sensitivity, effective inclusion, and allyship practices
  • Longer-term development plans are in place (3-5years); quality work assignments are ensured
  • Focus on development of emotional IQ among leaders and high priority potential leaders
  • Career development opportunities, such as job rotations and secondments are formalized and widely used
  • Robust leadership development training is aligned to and supportive of career development plans
  • Measurement of and action taken to ensure equity in accessing advanced, non-role specific training opportunities
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