The design and integration of DEI efforts into workplace operations so that they become seamless and routine. This includes delegating responsibilities, identifying processes, defining metrics, and creating a feedback process to guide change when needed.  


  • Program staffed on volunteer basis
  • No consistency in operational efforts
  • Lack of alignment with corporate strategy (assuming there is one that references DEI)
  • Recognition of the need for diversity-focused resources in pockets within the organization
  • Operational support processes are reactive (e.g., inbound request to develop initiatives)


  • DEI Operating Model defined by general counsel and leadership team
  • Defined operational targets in line with corporate strategy
  • Responsibilities defined and held by general counsel and leadership team
  • May hire consultants to help define operational model for the organizations DEI strategy
  • Work teams and work streams established for the DEI programs
  • Action plans include quantitative and qualitative data with aligned metrics to measure against objectives
  • Regular reports on progress and compliance with ends / goals


  • Complete alignment with all DEI stakeholders on the definition of success, metrics, and responsibilities; regular feedback loop to check and adjust
  • Define work teams and work streams to drive program success are in place
  • Involvement of consultant(s) in auditing / survey ensures candor and compliance
  • Full engagement of the leadership team and stakeholders to drive DEI goals and objectives at the employee level
  • Regular reporting to governing body regarding progress against goals / execution; resources needed and other barriers to achievement of DEI goals / targets
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