Every year, ACC offers its networks, chapters, individual members, sponsors, and partners the opportunity to submit program ideas for the ACC Annual Meeting. Submitters of accepted ideas will be responsible for organizing their selected sessions at the Virtual Annual Meeting, October 19-21, 2021.

The program idea submission deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021.

Please see below for additional guidance and information.


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  • 2021 Call for Programs Information

    2021 Call for Programs Information

    • AM21 will be held virtually, October 19-21
    • Top Session Content Priorities: 
    • Session Duration: 
      • Panel sessions: 60 minutes (including 10-15 minutes for Q&A)
      • Innovative format sessions: May request additional time
    • Speakers per Session: 
      • Panel sessions: 2-3 speakers, which should include one moderator
      • Innovative format sessions: Discuss needs with ACC session liaison
  • 2021 Curriculum

    2021 Curriculum

    This list sheds light on the high-level categories most selected programs will fall into at the meeting. However, we welcome submissions outside the scope of this list.

    • Business & Leadership    
    • Career Development
    • Compliance
    • Contract Drafting
    • Corporate Governance
    • Cross-border/Global
    • Data Privacy & Security
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Employment & Labor
    • Environment & Energy
    • Ethics
    • Government Regulation
    • Health Law
    • Information Governance
    • Intellectual Property
    • Law Department Management/Legal Operations
    • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Negotiations
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Social Media
    • Technology
  • Helpful Resources for Preparing Submissions

    Helpful Resources for Preparing Submissions

    1. Submission Prep Tool – Helps organize and prepare your submissions. Download here 
    2. Advanced-level Session Guidance – Consider this guidance from the outset to ensure that your advanced-level session actually hits the mark. 
    3. Innovative Format Ideas – Provides proven formats for actively engaging a virtual audience. 


    1. Network Data Memos – Provide helpful background for brainstorming by outlining network-relevant 2020 resource and programming data. Access 2021 Data Memos here  
    2. 2020 Deferred Network Programs – If your network wishes for an AM20 deferred program to be presented this year, please reevaluate the content as needed and re-submit it as part of the AM21 Call for Programs. Retrieve AM20 deferred program information here  
    3. Network Passwords – Network representatives must enter network’s password to prevent unaffiliated sponsors from submitting under the network’s name. Access network passwords here 
  • ACC Network Information

    ACC Network Information

    1. Confirm the estimated number of programs your network will be awarded. (See chart below.)
    2. To demonstrate a higher level of member support for your idea, collaborate in advance with other networks’ Program Chairs and develop joint submissions that cross practice areas. 
      • Only ONE network should submit the joint proposal (“primary network”), designating the partner network on the submission form (“secondary network”). 
        • The proposal will only count toward the primary network’s submission count, and the primary network will be responsible for assigning a Program Organizer.
        • The secondary network will be allowed and expected to assist with speaker recruitment, program development, additional resource creation, etc. 
        • Both networks will receive all due attribution. 
    3. Rank your program submissions in order of the network’s preference. The Advisory Board defers strongly to these rankings to whenever possible during Program Selection; however, a high ranking does not guarantee selection.
    4. If one of your ideas is not well suited for sponsor participation, please indicate that on the submission form.

    Number of Programs by Network

    The awards below have been determined based upon a variety of objective and subjective factors, including 2020 Annual Meeting feedback, network size and engagement, and virtual conferencing best practices. 

    Want more programs? The Advisory Board may award more programs than listed below to Networks submitting programs that address legal ethics, non-US jurisdictions. Well-explained virtual workshops and joint submissions may also merit additional program awards. 

    Network Annual Meeting Program Slots Awarded Requested Number of Program Idea Submissions*
    Compliance & Ethics 2-3 3-4
    Corporate & Securities 2-3   3-4
    Employment & Labor 2-3   3-4
    Energy 1-2  2-3
    Environmental & Sustainability  1-2 2-3
    Financial Services 1-2    2-3
    Health Law 2-3 3-4
    Information Governance 1-2  2-3
    Insurance Staff Counsel 1-2 2-3
    Intellectual Property 2-3 3-4
    International Legal Affairs 2-3 3-4
    IT, Privacy & eCommerce 2-3 3-4
    Law Department Management   2-3 3-4
    Litigation 2-3   3-4
    New to In-house 1-2   2-3
    Nonprofit Organizations 1-2 2-3
    Real Estate 1-2 2-3
    Small Law Departments 2-3  3-4
    Sports & Entertainment 1-2 2-3
    Women in the House 1-2 2-3

    * These additional submissions are requested to help the Advisory Board reconcile networks’ overlapping program ideas during Program Selection. 

  • ACC Chapter Information

    ACC Chapter Information

    • Hundreds of submissions are reviewed by an Advisory Board of ACC member volunteers, which selects the sessions that will be included on the final program agenda. 
    • The majority of speakers on every session should be in-house lawyers (absent prior approval from ACC). 
      • In-house lawyer speakers are granted complimentary registration to the entire meeting.
    • Sponsor representatives are invited to fill one speaking slot on every session. 
      • For a sponsor representative to speak on a session, their company must sponsor the 2021 ACC Annual Meeting.
      • ACC will be happy to assist you with filling the sponsor speaking slot, if needed.  
    • When making your submission, please select "Member" as the submission type and note your Chapter affiliation in program description field.
  • Sponsor Information

    Sponsor Information

    • Each sponsor may submit up to three (3) program ideas.
    • If your program idea is selected by the Advisory Board, you will be offered a Gold Level sponsorship at a cost of US$22,500. 
      • By submitting a proposal, you are agreeing to participate as a gold sponsor if your program is selected. 
    • If your program idea is not selected, you may be offered the opportunity to participate as a Silver or Blue Level sponsor. 
      • Contributing speakers to other programs as a Silver Level sponsor requires proactive collaboration with one of ACC’s Networks on the substance of their program. Silver Level status may be revoked in instances of failed collaboration. 

    In addition to the opportunity to organize and present a program at the 2021 Virtual ACC Annual Meeting, Gold Level sponsors are entitled to the following benefits:  

    • 12 Full registrations, which include your firm's speaker registrations
    • Virtual Booth, to allow you to chat with attendees and showcase your resources
    • One push notification to drive traffic to your booth
    • Inclusion in virtual conference gamification
    • Opportunity to host special attendee social function during the conference
    • Branding and recognition within the virtual conference platform
    • Branding and recognition on ACC website, with sponsor logo linked to URL of your choosing

    Speaking Slot Opportunities

    Speaking opportunities accumulate based upon your role and level of support. Additional speaking slots are US$2,500 each.

    E.g., an ACC Network sponsor that is also a Silver Level sponsor will receive up to 3 speaking slots total at the meeting (2 Network slots + 1 Silver slot = 3 speaking slots)

    • Gold Level Sponsorship: up to 2 Speakers 
    • Silver Level Sponsorship: 1 Speaker
    • Blue Level Sponsorship: 0 Speakers 
    • ACC Network Sponsorship: up to 2 Speakers
      • Network sponsor speaking slots should be arranged through early collaboration with your Network. Discuss in January which ideas they plan to submit and agree upon those that, if selected by the Advisory Board, will have slots reserved for your participation. 
  • Important Dates

    Important Dates

    Item Date
    Program Idea Submission Deadline Wed., Feb. 3, 2021
    Program Selection Notifications Sent Wed., March 31, 2021
    Program Organizer Submission Deadline* Wed., April 14, 2021
    Speaker Submission Deadline* Fri., June 4, 2021
    Course Material Submission Deadline Tues., Aug. 31, 2021

    *ACC confirms Program Organizer and speaker submissions on a rolling basis.

  • Tips for Preparing Program Ideas

    Tips for Preparing Program Ideas

    As you develop each idea, ask yourself...

    • Been there, done that? If you’ve seen a program on this topic before, then articulate what you will do differently that will make yours more valuable.
    • Is this too basic? (Answer: Probably, yes.) What can you do to dig deeper into the subject and level-up your program’s appeal for experienced lawyers? 
    • How will you engage the audience? Plan and articulate your vision for making your lessons stick through workshopping, games, audio/video incorporation, or other effective virtual learning techniques.
      • Submissions that include opportunities to learn and network with others facing similar challenges are strongly encouraged.
      • Remember: Creative format ideas automatically advance to the second round of review.  
    • What will the attendee actually learn? Proposals that describe specific, practical learning objectives tend to result in higher quality presentations. 
    • What resources will your attendee take back to the office? Identify takeaway materials in advance and develop plans for incorporating them into the presentation. 
    • How big is your potential audience? Hundreds of members from around the globe attend the ACC Annual Meeting; limiting your scope to US issues cuts down on the appeal of your program.
    • Do in-house counsel from large and small legal departments handle or experience this differently? If so, be sure to address that in the description and plan to recruit both types of speakers if your idea is selected.
    • Can I realistically find qualified, available speakers for this program by the deadline? If not, please consider a different submission.
  • Using the Submission Portal

    Using the Submission Portal

    1. Log in to the submission portal.
      • Networks, Chapters, Members & PartnersSUBMIT YOUR PROGRAM IDEAS HERE
        • NETWORKS NOTE: You will need to enter your network’s password to prevent unaffiliated sponsors from submitting under your network’s name.
      • Sponsors: Submit your program ideas through the customized link you received via email (email marketing@acc.com to request a re-send of the link)
    2. Click on the “Add Program Idea + ” button to begin.
    3. Once the program information is entered, select a submission status: “Save & Edit Later” or “Final Submit.” Only programs marked “Final Submit” by the deadline will be considered for selection.
    4. Click “Save Program Idea” and close the box to return to the main screen and add another program idea. (Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary to enter all submissions.)
      • NETWORKS NOTE: Once all program ideas are entered, use the arrows to rank your submissions according to your network’s priority preferences.
    5. Once complete, click to finalize your submission. You will receive a confirmation email at the address provided. 
  • Speaker Selection & Diversity Commitment

    Speaker Selection

    • To ensure a diversity of perspectives and involvement at the Annual Meeting, speakers may not present for more than two consecutive years
    • Panels may consist of a maximum of three (3) speakers total. 
      • One of the three speakers should be assigned to serve as moderator for the session. 
      • Approved in-house speakers will receive a complimentary meeting registration. 
    • In-house Counsel Ratio: In-house counsel should comprise the majority of speakers on every session, absent prior approval from ACC. 
      • Exceptions are granted for programs that recruit regulators, judges, academics, non-legal business leaders, and others that are neither sponsor nor in-house counsel. 
      • Approved non-in-house speakers will be issued a day pass for the day of their speaking engagement.
    • Outside counsel and/or legal service providers may speak on panels only if their organization is a sponsor of the 2021 Annual Meeting. 
    • ACC reserves the right to decline speakers if they do not meet the criteria.
    • Additional speaker guidelines will be provided following Program Selection.

    Diversity Commitment

    ACC endeavors to ensure that all programs at its meetings feature diverse perspectives. 

    Please assist with this effort by proposing speaking candidates that are diverse not just in terms of type and years of work experience, law department size, and geographic location, but also race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and physical abilities.

    As part of our resolute commitment to showcasing the expertise of under-represented members of the legal profession, ACC will only approve panels that include people of color. Similarly, all-male panels will not be approved. 


•    ACC Networks: Contact your ACC HQ network liaison 
•    Individual Members & ACC Chapters: Contact Rachel Okolski, Associate General Counsel & Director of Program Development
•    Sponsors: Contact Moustafa Abdel-Kader, Director of Business Development

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