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Please see below for additional guidance and information.


2023 Call for Programs Member Information

AM23 will be held October 22-25 in-person in San Antonio, TX. Any member submitting a program idea will be responsible for organizing their session if it is selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting, either in-person or virtually (per your indicated interest).

Access the Submission Portal

Step-by-Step Submission Instructions

  1. Log in to the submission portal
    • When making your submission, please select "Member" as the submission type and note your Chapter affiliation in the program description field
  2. Click on the “Add Program Idea + ” button to begin entering submission details (i.e., title, description, format, audience skill level, duration, in-person vs virtual preference, etc.)
  3. Once the program information is entered, select a submission status
    • “Save & Edit Later” or “Final Submit;” Only programs marked “Final Submit” by the deadline will be considered for selection
  4. Click “Save Program Idea” and close the box to return to the main screen and add another program idea. (Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary to enter all submissions.)
  5. Once complete, click to finalize your submission. You will receive a confirmation email at the address provided
    • You will not be able to edit sessions once your submission is finalized

Important Dates



Program Submission Deadline Mon., Jan. 9, 2023
Program Selection Notifications Sent Thu., Feb. 23, 2023
Program Organizer Submission Deadline* Fri., March 10, 2023
Speaker Submission Deadline** Mon., May 1, 2023
Course Material Submission Deadline Fri., Aug. 25, 2023

*ACC confirms Program Organizer and speaker submissions on a rolling basis.

**Additional speaker selection rules and guidelines will be provided following program selection. ACC reserves the right to decline speakers if they do not meet these criteria.

Helpful Resources for Preparing Submissions

Advanced-level Session Guidance
Consider this guidance from the outset to ensure that your advanced-level session actually hits the mark.
Innovative Format Ideas
Provides proven formats for actively engaging the audience.
Submission Prep Tool
Helps organize and prepare your submissions.

Other Submission Information

  • Tips for Preparing Successful Program Ideas

    As you develop each idea, ask yourself...

    • How long should this session be? Conference fatigue is real! Please consider the appropriate scope for your presentation, and the time required to effectively deliver the content.
    • Been there, done that? If you’ve seen a program on this topic before, then articulate what you will do differently that will make yours more valuable.
    • Is this too basic? (Probable answer: Yes.) What can you do to dig deeper into the subject and level-up your program’s appeal for experienced lawyers? 
    • How will you engage the audience? Plan and articulate your vision for making your lessons stick through workshopping, games, audio/video incorporation, or other effective teaching techniques.
      • Submissions that include opportunities to learn and connect with others facing similar challenges are strongly encouraged.
    • What will the attendee actually learn? Proposals that describe specific, practical learning objectives tend to result in higher quality presentations. 
    • What resources will your attendees take back to the office? Identify takeaway materials in advance and develop plans for incorporating them into the presentation. 
    • How big is your potential audience? Hundreds of members from around the globe attend the ACC Annual Meeting; limiting your scope to US issues cuts down on the appeal of your program.
    • Do in-house counsel from large and small legal departments handle or experience this differently? If so, be sure to address that in the description and plan to recruit both types of speakers if your idea is selected.
    • Can I realistically find qualified, available speakers for this program by the deadline? If not, please consider a different submission.
    • Are all of the speakers you hope to invite likely able to travel to speak in person in San Antonio? If not, please submit the idea as a virtual program submission. 
      • For quality control purposes, no hybrid panels will be presented in either format – speakers must be either all in-person or all virtual.
  • 2023 Annual Meeting Curriculum

    This list sheds light on the high-level categories most selected programs will fall into at the meeting. However, we welcome submissions outside the scope of this list.

    • Business & Leadership    
    • Career Development
    • Compliance
    • Contract Drafting
    • Corporate Governance
    • Cross-border/Global
    • Data Privacy & Security
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Employment & Labor
    • Environment & Energy
    • Ethics
    • Government Regulation
    • Health Law
    • Information Governance
    • Intellectual Property
    • Law Department Management
    • Legal Operations 
    • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Negotiations
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Technology
    • Wellness

    For more in-depth insights into any of these areas, please email Rachel Okolski at

  • Innovative Format Sessions Information

    ACC is invested in continually reimagining the Annual Meeting to ensure that it is the most indispensable learning and networking opportunity for in-house legal professionals every year. In this effort, you may opt to submit a session in an innovative format (see here for examples).

    In addition to the title, description, and other basic information required for panel format program submissions, innovative format program submissions will require: 

    1. A clear description of both the substance AND the interactivity/engagement considerations 
      • WHY? We need to know what actually makes this program innovative, beyond the topic itself
    2. Identification of the Program Organizer that will be responsible for recruiting and preparing speakers if the idea is selected
      • WHY? Given the shortened preparation timeline, we need assurance that this person is on board with your engagement plan as you envision it, and that they’re prepared to undertake the work necessary to bring the plans to fruition
    3. If applicable, a rough estimate of the number and type of facilitators required to successfully deliver the program

    DURATION: Flexible; please specify the amount of time required (i.e., you may choose a duration other than 60 or 90 minutes) 

    SPEAKER NOTE: Please share the number of speakers/facilitators you anticipate requiring on the submission form 

  • Speaker Recruitment Sneak Peek

    Speaker Selection

    •  Panels may consist of a maximum of four (4) speakers total for a 90-minute panel presentation. 
      • We strongly recommend fewer speakers for shorter programs
      • One of the speakers should be assigned to serve as moderator for the session. 
      • Approved in-house speakers will receive a complimentary meeting registration. 
    • In-house Counsel Ratio: In-house counsel should comprise the majority of speakers on every session, absent prior approval from ACC. 
      • Exceptions are granted for programs that recruit regulators, judges, academics, non-legal business leaders, and others that are neither sponsor nor in-house counsel. 
      • Approved non-in-house speakers will be issued a day pass for the day of their speaking engagement.
    • Outside counsel and/or legal service providers may speak on panels only if their organization is a sponsor of the 2023 Annual Meeting. 
    • We are waiving the third-consecutive-year speaker hiatus requirement to celebrate being back in person this year! 
    • ACC reserves the right to decline speakers if they do not meet the criteria.
    • Additional speaker guidelines will be provided following Program Selection.

    Diversity Commitment

    ACC aims for 100% of our sessions to feature women and people of color, and for legal professionals from other underrepresented groups in our profession to be showcased frequently and prominently as well.

    ACC encourages all Program Organizers to put forth candidates with these diversity objectives in mind and reserves the right to reject a proposed panel of speakers if no people of color and women are presented.

    Thank you for being part of ACC’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.


Contact Rachel Okolski, Associate General Counsel & Senior Director of Program Development 

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