We want you to get the most out of your Annual Meeting experience.


See below for the learning paths you can follow based on YOUR practice needs and career goals. 

Sessions perfect for the

Chief Legal Officer

Who you are:

"I'm a Chief Legal Officer, and I want both business and legal sessions curated for leaders in the legal field with a broad range of responsibility."

Hone your skills and lead

Sessions made just for the

Deputy General Counsel

Who you are:

"I'm a Deputy General Counsel or a Divisional General Counsel, and I want curated content for the next generation of CLOs."

Prepare for the next step in your career

Sessions with timely content and relevant pointers for attorneys who are

New to In-house

Who you are:

"I'm new to in-house, and I want curated content for those that are at the beginning of their in-house journey. I'd like to indulge in networking sessions and first-time meetups to expand my network and blossom."

See the 20+ sessions that'll speak to your career needs 

Sessions focused on 

Leadership and Career Development

Who you are:

"I want curated content that will get me to the next level by helping me improve my legal skills and maximize my productivity."

Get ready to learn and grow in your leadership role and career

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