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Are You A New General Counsel? Top Ten Actions to Ensure Your Success 

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ACC Collection: Contract Negotiation Skills 

Introduction to Corporate Litigation

Creating Defensible Legal Holds

In-house Ethics 101: What You Need to Know in Your In-house Role

Unique Ethical Challenges for In-House Lawyers

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    James H. Barker, Les P. Carnegie, Damara L. Chambers, Ruchi G. Gill, Catherine Hein, Ragad Alfaraidy, Theresa Maria Babendreier, Asia Y. Cadet, Layan K. Charara, Matthew J. Crawford, Zachary N. Eddington, Joelle Hageboutros, Elliot W. Hecht, Allison K. Hugi, Julie Choi Shin
    4 pages

    Recent developments from CFIUS signal a renewed vigor to protect US national security. In this Client Alert, Latham attorneys highlight the recent developments related to national security investment reviews and outline its implications.

    Resource Details
    Region: United States
    Audience: Mid-Career, New to In-House, Small Law Departments, Large Law Departments
    Betty M. Huber, Giulia Franzoso, Edward R. Kempson, Karmpreet (Preeti) Grewal, Roberto L. Reyes Gaskin, Peter Neuböck
    4 pages

    While issuers continue to commit to sustainability/ESG objectives, for the first time since sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) emerged, certain SLB issuers missed their sustainability targets in 2022 and early 2023. Further, market participants have recently expressed concerns about other SLB issuers in danger of not hitting their SPTs and, in general, about the credibility of SLBs in light of issuer ambitions and incentives to achieve sustainability targets. Issuers should consider the ambitiousness of their sustainability targets, any challenges in achieving the targets on schedule, and how they will prove their progress. In this resource, Latham & Watkins provides 10 takeaways relating to these developments for potential SLB issuers and their underwriters.

    Resource Details
    Region: Global
    Audience: Mid-Career, New to In-House, Small Law Departments, Large Law Departments
    Lawrence E. Buterman, Paul A. Davies, Kelly Fayne, Sarah E. Fortt, Joshua N. Holian, Betty M. Huber, Charlie Beller, Rebecca Frumento, Austin J. Pierce
    6 pages

    A recent letter from 21 state Attorneys General to various asset managers demonstrates a focus on using antitrust and unfair competition laws to oppose ESG efforts. In this Client Alert, Latham & Watkins attorneys review the major enforcer and congressional statements over the past year that have raised antitrust and competition concerns with ESG initiatives; analyze how the AG Letter reflects a refinement of theories of harm under state and federal competition laws; and provide guidance to entities implementing ESG policies on how to minimize legal risks.

    Resource Details
    Region: Global
    Audience: Mid-Career, New to In-House, Small Law Departments, Large Law Departments
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