Welcome to in-house practice! Get up to speed quickly with this specially curated content for new corporate counsel.

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The Essential Toolkit for New General Counsel
Checklists, practical tools, and proven strategies to make a strong positive impact.
Association of Corporate Counsel Corporate Counsel University CCU
Corporate Counsel University®
The leading onboarding and networking opportunity specially tailored for new in-house lawyers.
The New In-house Lawyer: A Brief Guide to Success Based on ACC Research
ACC New to In-house Research
Data-driven guide providing in-house frameworks, insights, and suggestions for getting up to speed quickly.
members crowd roundtable
Wisdom of the Crowd
Advice from your new peers: "What's the top tip you received (or wish you had received) when you went in-house?"

Top Tips for New In-house Counsel


Your Fellow Members are Your Best Resource

Connect and engage with your peers by joining the ACC New to In-house Network.

Build your new professional community

Need to solve a problem today?

Thousands of sample forms, policies, and contracts await.

Special thanks to Saul Ewing for their continued support of new in-house counsel. Saul Ewing also generously sponsors ACC's New to In-house Network, Corporate Counsel University®, and Top 10 30-Somethings Awards, guiding new corporate counsel through their new career journey.  

Disclaimer: None of the content included or linked in this ACC resource center (or in any ACC webpage) constitutes legal advice. For legal advice or representation, please consult a lawyer.

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