For questions not answered here, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Questions about the Platform

    1. Can you give us more info about the platform?
      • The platform we are using is 6Connex. The platform incorporates proprietary technology, as well as familiar tools like Zoom Meetings. Panel presentations will sit within this platform, whereas interactive sessions - workshops - will be hosted on Zoom. We will link out from the platform to the sessions on Zoom. It will be a seamless transition for attendees.
    2.  Will sessions be done on Zoom?
      • Yes. Workshops, which will be conducted live (in real-time), will take place on Zoom. 
      • Your ACC liaison or Program Organizer will be in touch with additional details as they become available.
    3. I am a Program Organizer and I missed the August 6 demo. Will I be able to access it?
      • Yes. Please see the demo recording at this link.
    4. Will speakers get a demo? Will Program Organizers be able to share the demo with the speakers?
      • There is currently no demo scheduled for speakers. For the demo recording, please visit this link.
  • Questions about Format and Recording

    1. What are the differences between a pre-recorded panel and a live interactive workshop?
      • Interactive virtual workshops will be hosted live using Zoom.
      • Panel-format sessions will be pre-recorded in September to ensure quality, with seamlessly transitioned live panelist Q&A options to follow.
        • Your panel session (recorded in September) will play at a specified time (see program schedule) during the meeting for approximately 45-50 minutes. At the end of the recording, all panelists will arrive live to answer questions from the audience either via webcam or chat for the remaining 10-15 minutes of the session. Questions should be prepared in advance in case none are asked by the audience, since filling the full 60 minutes is essential for CLE/CPD purposes.
    2. What's going to be recorded as part of the pre-recorded panel sessions with live Q&A? Video/audio/slides?
      • Yes, video/audio/slides will be recorded - video of the person speaking with a card row at the bottom with other speakers, audio of the presentation, and slides of the presentation. See example.
      • Yes, the slides will be visible to the audience.
    3. How will the recordings be coordinated/who is going to help us? 
      • Pre-recorded sessions will be recorded in September (date TBD). Speakers need to participate in the pre-recording and also the air date in order to participate in live Q&A.
      • Our trusted, long-time conference capture partner, Playback Now, will facilitate the recordings. Program Organizers will find the best available time for their speakers and then book a time slot with Playback Now. Their technicians and ACC will handle the rest!
    4. What if there are no questions during the time reserved for live Q&A?
      • Please prepare and bring questions you anticipate people might have about your presentation/topic, hypothetical situations that your audience can respond to, or bonus content you would like to share. 
    5. How do I know if my session is a pre-recorded panel or a live interactive workshop?
      • If you are unsure about your session format, please contact your Program Organizer or ACC liaison for assistance.
      • For our pre-recorded panel, will we as speakers have a chat feature to communicate?
        • You will enter a "speaker studio" where you will be able to chat with each other (and it's not part of the broadcast talk or chat). A 6Connex representative will be available in that studio to assist with any technical items.
      • For the live Q&A portion, when do we show up? Do we plan to be present for the entire duration of when our recorded session is scheduled to air, or do we join mid-way or closer to the end?
        • We recommend joining your session's speaker studio 30 minutes before the Q&A is slated to begin.
      • Our session has an exception and doesn't fall into "panel" or "workshop." We also have other ideas about interactivity. What platform are we using and what do we do next?
        • Please coordinate with your ACC staff liaison, who will be happy to assist and work out the details with you.
    6. Questions about Your Session Time (Air Date)

      1. I know the schedule was being revised - what is my new scheduled session date/time?
        • Please see the revised program schedule here. Please note, it automatically adjusts to your time zone.
      2. What should I expect on my session's air date in October?
        • Please test your system in advance and make sure that you can enter the virtual conference platform (for the live Q&A if your session is a pre-recorded panel) and both the virtual conference platform and Zoom (if your session is going to be a live, interactive workshop).
        • Please arrive to the pre-show preparation meeting on time. This will be your last chance to prepare with your fellow speakers and iron out any issues before your session is presented.
        • Please be mindful of the time, particularly if your session is live (not pre-recorded). Please plan to be flexible and make adjustments if your session's time is almost up and you need to choose which remaining parts of your session to address.
      3. Questions about CLE

        1. How does CLE requirements work with pre-recorded panels? (Given they have requirements for live questioning.)
          • The pre-recorded section will take up 45-50 min of the session's 1-hour timeslot. The remaining 10-15 minutes are reserved for live Q&A between the audience and speakers. Because the pre-recorded session is played (aired) during a scheduled time followed by live Q&A, it should satisfy the live interactivity component.
          • For more questions regarding CLE, please see this page.
          • For details regarding CLE by jurisdiction, please see this page.

      I have additional questions about other topics.

      • Please first contact your session's Program Organizer for questions related to your session's content, course materials, or flow.
      • For other questions about the meeting itself, please contact us at [email protected].