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The GC Role in ESG? Leader
The modern general counsel continues to evolve into a true generalist and should play a central role in driving cross-functional corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.
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5 Ways In-house Counsel Can Influence the Right Tone at the Top
The stewardship, clear thinking, and insight that the GC brings to the CEO is critical. We need to react quickly — without reacting thoughtlessly. This article shares five things you can do right now to equip you in fulfilling your trusted advisor role.
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GC Is the New CEO: The Rise and Rise of General Counsel
Current GCs who are interested in ascending to the top corporate office will have to show that they can occupy a few critical but less official roles first. Each is tied to their responsibilities while moving them closer to the center of business.
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Earn Your Seat at the Table by Maximizing Business Relationships
If you want a seat at the executive decision-making table, you need to think about contracts differently. The lawyer may be the handmaiden of the contract, but the real stakeholders in the contract are the company’s various business departments.
  • APAC: Fraud Risk Management – Need for Strong Corporate Governance

    Ethics and fraud are interconnected. Without a strong corporate governance framework and ethical culture, fraud risks increase exponentially. Fraud risk threatens companies of all sizes and managing that risk starts at the top.

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  • What Happens When GCs Aren’t Empowered

    Companies that fail to position their general counsel properly do so at their peril — exposing themselves to the dangers of corruption, scandals, and lawsuits.

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  • How In-house Counsel Can Help Their Organizations Navigate Global Uncertainty

    How do legal departments navigate this reality? What are the best ways for in-house counsel to stay abreast of shifting policies, diagnose potential risks, and help their organizations set a course through murky waters? These are questions that not only multinational corporations are struggling with, but also smaller businesses and nonprofits. Everyone is turning to their lawyers to help make sense of the changing landscape.

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  • Getting a Seat at the Table: How General Counsel Can Win Trust and Influence People

    Getting a seat at the table is important in a General Counsel's career.  In-house counsel must learn to leverage their knowledge and expertise to advocate for the legal department and compliant practices.  In this article, in-house counsel can learn relationship building techniques like building your brand, knowing the business and getting to know the Board to gain influence.

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