As the role of the legal department continues to expand, with in-house lawyers being called upon to perform increasingly critical and visible functions, from public affairs to ESG. Earning, not only your in-house counsel but your entire legal department, a seat at the business table is essential to succeeding as the duties of these roles continue to grow.


Earning Your Seat at the Table

It is essential for the legal function to be involved in the overall strategy and decision-making of the organizations we serve. As you prove to be both a strategic business leader as well as a legal advisor, you will be asked to lead areas beyond the legal department. What does this mean for in-house counsel?

Join this live interview with Mike Madden, Head of Legal, Commercial, Compliance and Procurement of Hyne Group and Vice-Chair of the ACC Global Board of Directors to explore this question (and more). Afterward, continue the Seat at the Table discussion in a small group, where you'll leave enriched by peer insights and with an expanded network of other similarly positioned new in-house counsel.


Upskill Today

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Women in the House

ACC Women In The House (WITH) and ACC Middle East & North Africa invite you to join us to hear from leading GCs in the region about their career journeys, motivations, and their recommendations for creating the environment to support more women in finding their seat at the table.



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