Annually, the Executive Team of the ACC Legal Operations Steering Committee recognizes an Interest Group, a Member and a Professional/Team of the Year at the annual legal operations conference - the Xchange.

A member may self-nominate, or a colleague may submit a nomination on behalf of the nominee. All nominations should be submitted via email to [email protected] by April 3, 2020.

ACC Legal Operations Member of the Year recognizes outstanding participation in and contribution to the ACC Legal Operations community such as:

  • Actively using social media to showcase ACC Legal Operations thought leadership and resources;

  • Organizing a conference session, webcast or virtual roundtable for the membership;

  • Recruiting conference speakers; 

    Legal Operations Awards Member of the Year Image

  • Sharing knowledge/experience by speaking or demonstrating a methodology for an ACC conference session, webcast or on an Interest Group call;

  • Representing ACC Legal Operations by speaking at an ACC event (e.g. Chapter, Annual Meeting, Committee); an allied association event (e.g. ILTA, P3); or in a media interview;

  • Authoring an article for any of the ACC channels (Docket, newsletter, etc.); or participating in an interview to be featured or profiled;

  • Producing or contributing to a resource (how-to, checklist, tool, template, white paper, etc.);

  • Recruiting members;

  • Initiating or serving in a working group, such as the conference planning committee, or another special project or focus group;

  • Demonstrating outstanding leadership as an Interest or Regional Group (co)chair, initiating new projects or putting in effort “above and beyond.”

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Legal Operations Interest Group of the Year recognizes its chair(s), for contributions to the community, such as:

  • Creating a strong annual agenda of topics and recruiting speakers to share their know-how;

  • Organizing conference sessions, webcasts or virtual roundtables for the larger membership;

  • Producing any other resources (how-to, checklists, tools, templates, white papers, research reports, articles, etc.);

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  • Posting in the Member Forum advertising IG events, soliciting call topics/speakers, providing key take- aways from events, etc.;

  • Anything else that helped serve the community!

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Legal Operations Professional or Team of the Year recognizes a member(s) for outstanding accomplishments on behalf of their legal department, providing a shining example to the larger community.

Nominations should include a brief description of accomplishments and results, including: 

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  • A statement of the problem or goal the legal ops professional(s) sought to address;

  • A description of how it was tackled – e.g. the steps taken, facets of the solution, etc.;

  • Metrics used and results achieved;

  • Statements of what was innovative about the solution and how other operations professionals/legal departments can replicate the solution.

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