Joanne Z. Tan

With clients around the world, Joanne Tan is a globally recognized brand building and branding expert. She has a J.D., was also trained in business, and was a professional journalist, editor and designer. Over her decades of multidisciplinary careers, in the last decade she has focused on coaching, consulting, and branding in-house counsel, lawyers (some of whom are national and global authorities), executive coaches, business consultants, CEOs, senior executives of multinational corporations and technology unicorns, board members, B2B professionals.

Joanne has coached and advised corporate counsel, partners at global law firms such as Baker McKenzie, and other attorneys to advance their careers to a higher level, or transition laterally, in situations such as:

  • Internal promotion or career advancement within an organization
  • Lateral career movement from one organization to another organization
  • Leaving a law firm to become an in-house counsel
  • Getting ready to secure a board seat
  • Leaving a corporate career to start one’s own practice or join a law firm.

Starting as a coach and consultant, Joanne has a proprietary process for a deep dive and thorough analysis of a person’s career trajectory. She then delivers results: an outstanding and authentic LinkedIn profile with personal brand elements, narratives, and career strategies, followed by the bio, resume, and interview preparation, consistent with personal brand
positioning, strategies, persona, and brand stories.

Many of Joanne’s clients have achieved their career goals, be it obtaining a promotion, or switching to another company as GC, or increasing their clientele, influence, thought leadership, or getting on a corporate board. Some of them continue to retain her as their long term coach for on-going execution of their brand and career strategies.

Joanne is the founder and CEO of 10 Plus Brand, Inc., a multiple award winning, full service brand building, branding and marketing agency that has been recognized as “the Best of the Best” globally by Clutch. In addition to personal branding, she leads teams to build, rebrand, and refresh business brands, with brand DNA decoding, GTM strategies, market research, competitive analysis, brand messaging, and thought leadership.

Joanne is also the producer and host of the “Interviews of Notables and Influencers” Podcast. She is regarded as a thought leader and influencer.
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