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Tuesday, Oct. 13 Sessions:

[LIVE] Adjusting to a New General Counsel or CEO 

[LIVE] Contract Workshop: Reviewing Allocations of Liability for Data Breach   

[LIVE] Investigating and Defending Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Charges 

[LIVE] Your Company, Accountants, and Privilege 

Tuesday Marquee Keynote Presentation - The Fox and the Hedgehog: Leadership in Times of Crisis 

[LIVE] CLO Club (Large Departments): Design Thinking Principles for CLOs 

[LIVE] 2020 ACC Value Champion Series: Creative Ways to Apply Tech Solutions in Any Legal Department 

[LIVE] Deepfakes 2.0: The Good, the Bad, and the Terrifying Revisited 

[LIVE] Getting to Know Your Shareholders 

[LIVE] Litigation Must Go On— What You Need to Know to Successfully Conduct Virtual Depositions, Jury Exercises, Trials, Mediation, and More 

[LIVE] Recognizing and Defending Against the Reptile Approach 

[LIVE] A Legal Checklist for Risk Management in an Artificial Intelligence World 

[LIVE] Compliance Conundrums: Call the Shots to Prevent Nightmares 

[LIVE] NextGen Leadership Club: Career Insights and Perspectives from Experienced Chief Legal Officers 

[LIVE] The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry after COVID-19 

[LIVE] The Interplay between Indemnity, Insurance and Limitations of Liability in Contract Negotiations 

[LIVE] The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword - Ethical Issues Raised by Lawyers in Literature 

[LIVE] Understanding Legal Tech & Social Media: Your Professional Responsibility 

Wednesday, Oct. 14 Sessions:

[LIVE] Fostering Wellness in a Law Department Environment 

[LIVE] Interactive Roundtable Discussions About Challenges and Best Practices for Global Legal Departments

[LIVE] Legal, Compliance & Audit: Playing Better Together 

[LIVE] Navigating Your Career: Achieving Long-Term Goals by Managing Short-Term Conflicting Obligations

[LIVE] Real Estate Law for Non-Real Estate Lawyers 

[LIVE] The One-Click Schtick: Taking the Crap Out of Clickwrap Agreements 

[LIVE] Using Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to Inform Selection of Outside Counsel, Predict Case Costs, and Manage to Better Litigation Outcomes 

[LIVE] Call to Order: How to Successfully Manage Board of Director and Committee Meetings 

[LIVE] Managing Litigation Like a Pro 

[LIVE] Meet the Regulators 

[LIVE] Mindful Negotiations  

[LIVE] Taking a Holistic Approach to Combat Compliance Risk: Integrating Compliance and End-to-End Frameworks to Manage Compliance Across All Risk Areas 

Wednesday Marquee Keynote Presentation: Finding Peace in a Burned-out World 

[LIVE] Don’t Be the Next Privacy Headline: Build Privacy Cultures & Corporate Ethics 

[LIVE] Hiring in the Era of COVID-19: Innovations, Onboarding, and Remote Work 

[LIVE] Jazz Drumming and the Art of Creative Persuasion 

[LIVE] So, You Want to Join a Corporate Board? 

[LIVE] The GC’s Guide to Rightsourcing in 2021 

[LIVE] You did What with that Data? The Role of Data Ethics and Classification within your Data

[LIVE] Breaking it Down and Breaking it Out: Minimizing the Legal Risks of Emerging Trends in Privacy and Cybersecurity 

[LIVE] Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, and Their Impact on the Energy Sector 

[LIVE] Current Trends and Developments in Trade Secret Law for In-House Counsel 

[LIVE] Don't Get Nailed: Practical Guidance to Avoiding Pitfalls That Can Hammer You on Your Next Construction Project 

[LIVE] The Evolving Landscape of Corporate Foundations and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives 

Thursday, Oct. 15 Sessions:

[LIVE] CLO Club (All Department Sizes): CLO Leadership through Corporate Crisis 

Thursday Marquee Keynote Presentation: Sustainability in Turbulent Times 

[LIVE] A Lawyer’s Role in Cyberattacks 

[LIVE] Business Education: Thinking Beyond the Role of Legal Advisor: Corporate Counsel as a Strategic Decision Maker 

[LIVE] CLO Club (All Department Sizes): Working Effectively with your Chief Financial Officer 

[LIVE] Improving Contract Lifecycle Management: Examining the People, Processes, and Technology Involved at Each Stage 

[LIVE] What to Expect When You’re Expanding: Data Implications of Multinational Operations 

[LIVE] Workplace Legislative Trendsetters to Watch: It's Not Just California! 

[LIVE] Finding Freedom Using M&A Resources 

Thursday Marquee Keynote Presentation: Navigating Through a Crisis - How to Overcome Challenging Situations 

[LIVE] CLO Club (Small/Medium): Creating a Culture of Well-being and Mindfulness in Your Organization

[LIVE] IP for In-House Attorneys Wearing Multiple Hats 

[LIVE] Getting Agreement Across Legal, IT and Everyone Else on What Electronic Information to Save and Not Save 

[LIVE] Integrating In-House Pro Bono, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability 

[LIVE] Managing Conflict and/or Avoidance Within Your Team 

[LIVE] Private Companies, Meet Private Equity 

[LIVE] Taking Your Healthcare Compliance Program to the Next Level: What High-risk Areas Might You Have Missed? 

[LIVE] The "Big 4" & Law: Why should I care? 

[LIVE] 2020 ACC Value Champion Series: Leading and Partnering to Innovate at Scale 

[LIVE] Cannabis and Your Company: What In-house Counsel Need to Know 

[LIVE] Hard Competition or Over the Line? Determining Whether Your Company's Competitors or Vendors are Competing Within the Rules 

[LIVE] IP in China: The Value for US Companies, Protection and Enforcement, and How to Win the Battle 

[LIVE] Lost in Translation: Tech Speak for Non-Techies 

[LIVE] NextGen Leadership Club: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic 

[LIVE] The Gig Economy: Worker Classification and Joint Employment Deep Dive 

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