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4 Modules, 4 Interviews


Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Modern Records Management: Creating a Records Policy and Schedule

Effective records program not only ensure compliance, but also reduce privacy and litigation risks, lower costs and make employees more productive. The past 10 years have seen a significant shift in how companies develop, execute and mange their records and other information.  A cornerstone of a program is a modern, compliant, and easier-to-execute records retention schedule. Topics in this module include:

  • Key concepts of a modern records program
  • Creating a compliant and easier-to-execute records retention schedule
  • Techniques for gaining agreement with legal, IT, business units and employees on what information to save and not save including email, files, and other electronic information
  • Designing a schedule that is both compliant and much easier to execute

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Module 2: Records Program Execution

Success in records management execution needs to be designed into the program.  This module reviews the steps, strategies, and best practices for getting from policy to execution:

  • Key steps in records program execution
  • Moving records management from being exclusively owned by legal to a shared responsibility owned and funded by multiple functions
  • Cadillac, Chevy, golf cart, or bicycle – determining the right level of program maturity for your company
  • How to avoid from getting stuck, or restarting a stalled initiative
  • Designing a records program so it drives effective privacy, eDiscovery, and employee productivity
  • If and when it’s okay to adopt a policy even if has not yet been executed

Tales from the Trenches Interviews

Tales from the Trenches featuring Patrick Chavez Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel Edward Jones
Patrick Chavez
Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel at Edward Jones
Tales from the Trenches featuring Megan Hertzler Director of Records and Information Governance Genentech
Megan Hertzler
Director Records and Information Governance at Genentech
Tales from the Trenches Featuring: Alexandra M. Williams, Esq. Senior Corporate Attorney Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I.
Alexandra Williams
Senior Corporate Attorney at Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I.
Tales from the Trenches Featuring: Natausha Cruz Wilson Director, Information Governance Qualcomm Incorporated
Natausha Cruz Wilson
Director of Information Governance at Qualcomm

Module 3: Automating Records Management

Traditional, manually-oriented records management processes don’t work into today’s digital, employee habitual save-everything-forever, work-from-home environments. Today companies are creating modern, highly-automated record programs that both ensure compliance, but also drive employee productivity and compliance. This module explores real-world strategies for automating records processes and programs:

  • The Five Second Rule – Creating combined records management, privacy, data classification and access control processes that employees can follow quickly
  • A quick review of technologies to automate programs, including technologies that most companies already own today
  • How to delete email, files, and other information quickly and defensibly
  • Combining policies, processes, and technologies to automate records management

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Module 4: Records Management Training and Employee Behavior Change Management

Employees have built habits of saving everything forever in their own private areas over many years. Getting them to save the right information in the right place so it is retained for the right period doesn’t just happen, but rather is a result of a formalized training and employee behavior change management process.  This final module reviews:

  • How messaging, communications plans, training, and audit can be combined into an effective employee behavior change management strategy
  • Creating records management messages that resonate, even for employees that don’t care about records management
  • How to handle the 10% of employees who despite training will seemingly never follow records management policies
  • How to audit and remediate ineffective or underperforming program components all while staying compliant.

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