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It’s the training package you’ve been waiting for! Here in this mega bundle, depending on your jurisdiction you can obtain up to 8.5 hours of CLE/CPD credit, touching on all specialty credit types needed for most jurisdictions.* This self-paced course bundle features eight modules covering all the bases for in-house counsel's top issues of the year.

*CLE/CPD credit eligibility varies by jurisdiction. Check the individual course descriptions here for more details on credit available for your jurisdiction.

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8 Modules; 8h


AM ACC Annual Meeting


This content is derived from ACC's Virtual Annual Meeting 2021. The ACC Annual Meeting is the largest annual gathering of in-house counsel in the world and serves to educate in-house lawyers from around the globe. To find out more about the Annual Meeting and register for this year, visit

Course Modules:

Module 1: The Fine Art of Kicking SaaS

Whether from the vendor or customer perspective, Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed the way we do business. What are the considerations when negotiating a SaaS agreement relating to intellectual property, various cloud providers, indemnity, privacy, security, and limitation of liability? This module discusses SaaS from both perspectives and debate language you should include in your agreement and alerts you to clauses that should raise red flags.

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Module 2: Blockchain Deep Dive: Hot Issues Around the Block

In this forward-thinking module, you will dive into the burning issues surrounding Blockchain and dispel myths that you may hold about:
•    Digital currencies – state actors vs private actors: what is the current “state” of national digital currencies?
•    Countries such as the US, Canada, China, France, Japan, Venezuela, and Sweden that have either adopted or considered adopting national digital currencies.
•    What are the tax issues associated with investing in Blockchain? 
•    Whether there are restrictions for investing in Blockchain in the US.
•    What is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token)? What are concrete use cases today? Why should you care?

Module 3: Know It When You See It: Advanced Trade Secret Protection

This module serves as an advanced follow-up to the trade secret protection session at the 2020 Annual Meeting. You will receive a more detailed look at what may constitute trade secrets and how to protect them under US law. Using examples of potential trade secrets in various contexts and under different fact circumstances, participants assess whether trade secret protection may apply. Plus, explore the application of trade secret law to new and emerging technologies along with recent case updates.

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Module 4: The New Frontier of Cross-border Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has vividly demonstrated the utility of remote work and accelerated pre-existing trends toward the flexible workplace. Increasingly, the global search for talent and employees’ desires for global travel and experiences are leading employers to try to accommodate remote work in countries where the company otherwise does not operate. This module will unpack these complex and interlocking issues including local employment law/social security, work authorization requirements, tax presence concerns, and benefit and workplace injury coverage, which make cross-border remote work a difficult, although essential, challenge for an employer to manage.

Module 5: IP Indemnification Provisions, Hot Topics, & Negotiating Strategies

IP indemnification continues to be an issue that regularly arises for in-house counsel on a global basis. This module addresses provisions that demand particular attention, ways to resolve differences over those provisions, and global hot topics in the area. Your instructors, experienced in considering and negotiating IP indemnification provisions, tackle these topics and discuss negotiating strategies for indemnification, warranties, and other related provisions.

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Module 6: ESG & the Role Corporate Counsel Play in Public Policy

The tide has turned, and corporations are increasingly prioritizing environmental, social, and governance factors. Businesses from around the globe are taking stands on issues typically reserved for governments. It’s no surprise that trust in business is at an all-time high! At the heart of this change is whether corporations can balance delivering value to investors, while also delivering on ESG commitments. In this module, you’ll hear from in-house counsel and business leaders who are uniquely qualified to weigh in on both sides of this conversation, especially as ESG issues that we’ve seen in the last 20 months look to be here to stay.

Module 7: Wellness for the In-House Counsel: Strategies for Prioritizing Your Well-Being

Lawyers were already struggling with stress and burnout, and the pandemic has only made things worse. A recent survey unearthed this disturbing statistic: When asked if the pandemic has made their mental health worse, 70 percent of attorneys responded with a resounding, “yes.” That’s why it is critical for the in-house counsel to prioritize their mental health---just as they would prioritize a major work initiative. This course provides much needed guidance for building a plan that will result in the reduction of stress and an increase in resiliency. You’ll obtain leading practices, strategies, and resources for implementing a wellness plan that prioritizes your mental health and puts you on the road to positive change.

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Module 8: The World has Changed. Let’s Sort Out the Ethics

The 2020 upheaval we experienced has had profound impacts on in-house practice. In this module, Stuart Teicher, Esq. (the “CLE Performer”) explains the ethical dangers with working from home, the challenges of remote supervision, and new issues with technology. US Model Rules of Professional Conduct covered include 1.1 (Competence), 5.1 & 5.3 (Supervision), 1.4 (Communication), and FAO #2019-4.

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