A self-paced course for rising legal executives to learn how to take charge of their professional legacy and continue leveling up.

This self-paced course imparts invaluable guidance that will help you sharpen your soft skills, develop an authentic and effective leadership style, and start actively managing your career. Spread across seven modules, accomplished legal leaders reveal their proven approaches to serving as members of the c-suite, personal branding, negotiating compensation, translating mindfulness and well-being into success, and more. This learning plan will unlock the secrets you need to know.

**Due to the nature of its content, this self-paced course is not eligible for CLE/CPD credit.** 

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7 Modules; 6h


Good Lawyers to Great Lawyers A Strategic Professional Development Retreat

This content was extracted from the 2021 ACC Foundation Good to Great Lawyers Strategic Professional Development Retreat. The retreat offers the opportunity for an exciting exchange between leading in-house counsel, partners, and business professionals. The goal of the retreat is to give in-house counsel the tools to hone in on their soft skills. Click here to learn more about the retreat and register for the next meeting.

Course Modules:

Module 1: The Art of the Game: How to Develop Your Leadership Acumen

In this course, legal leaders from NBC, Coco-Cola, TransUnion, and other major organizations share their inside leadership secrets. Throughout their thoughtful conversation, you will learn how to build the critical skills you didn’t learn in law school, including how to position the law department as a valued business partner, rather than the "Department of No." Plus, you'll learn how to successfully engage with mentors and internal sponsors to help you build your leadership skills and advance your career.

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Module 2: Building Your Personal Brand: The Window into Your Career

We've all heard about "personal branding," but what does it really mean and why is it important to our careers? Finally, this course addresses those critical questions by showing how a strong personal brand can provide a window into the next stop in your career. You'll also learn how to use key questions to determine your core skills, career accomplishments, and personality traits. Plus, you'll discover how to communicate your brand to your peers – and why it’s critical to do so.

Module 3: The Rules of the Game: How to Negotiate an Equitable Compensation in Your Next Role

Many professionals believe that a compensation package is relegated to just a salary when it encompasses so much more. Others aren't even sure how to negotiate a total compensation package that is in line with their skill sets and is free of race and gender bias. In this course, seasoned legal leaders set out the rules for negotiating an equitable and wholistic compensation package. From understanding the legal rules that all compensation packages must follow to sidestepping common negotiating mistakes, this course will prepare you for this critical discussion with your next employer.

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Module 4: How Collaboration Can Lead to Innovative Law Firm Partnerships

In this course, you will learn how to develop a true partnership with outside counsel - one that is collaborative and innovative. Legal leaders from Facebook, Western Union, and other entities will share their proven perspectives on how to develop an alliance that transforms your outside counsel into trusted business partners. You'll also learn what it takes to build a partnership that allows outside counsel to be courageous and say the things that in-house counsels need to hear. 

Module 5: How Suite It Is: What to Expect as a New Leader in the C-Suite

In this course, you will hear from the top law leaders how to navigate success in the C-suite. They will share their invaluable knowledge for understanding the various pathways to the C-suite and addressing the "pre-suite" jitters. Plus, you will hear what you really need to worry about upon arrival and solutions for managing them. Bonus: For veteran legal leaders, you will learn the expert strategies for dealing with personnel changes within the executive team – and why that can feel like you're walking into a C-suite for the first time.

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Module 6: The Director’s Corner: Diversifying Corporate Boards by Bringing Lawyers to the Table

This course dives into board director opportunities that exist for in-house counsel. Four legal leaders, who have served as board directors, share their experiences for locating corporate board opportunities. They’ll also discuss what it is like to serve as board director and why it isn't, in their words, "an easy gig." Plus, you'll learn the critical business skills for landing a board member position. Bonus: Find out why an independent mindset is the key to a long-term career as a board director.

Module 7: Post-Pandemic Leadership: Demonstrating Empathy and Equity in Our New Working World

This just-in-time course will show what it takes to master the new business skills required for the pandemic workplace: empathy and equity. Legal leaders from IKEA, Ingram Micro, and L.E. K. Consulting discuss how they developed these skills in real time to meet the moment of a global pandemic intersecting with a social justice movement. Plus, you will discover how leaders can convey empathy to employees when every touch point is a Zoom meeting, and why they must create space for "listening sessions" with their employees. In addition, learn why all leaders must focus like a laser on their employees' mental health - and why this level of focus is required for you to succeed as a leader in today's work environment.

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